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5 Spine Facts Quiz

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5 Spine Facts Quiz
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When lifting, you should
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  1. When lifting, you should
    1. bend your back and bend your knees.
    2. bend your knees and keep you back straight.
    3. bend your back and keep your knees locked.
    4. bend your knees and your back.
    1. Proper Lifting Techniques

      Squat to lift and lower. Do not bend at the waist. Keep you low back bowed in while bending over. Keep the weight as close to you as possible. Bow your back in and raise up with your head first. If you must turn, turn with your feet, not your body. Never jerk or twist! Put the weight down by keeping your low back bowed in. Keep you feet apart, staggered if possible. Wear shoes with non-slip soles.

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