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      Qual é a alternativa *falsa* de acordo com o texto?
       of players answered correctly.
      • Christine and Lynn shared a room.

      • Lynn has had several different jobs.

      • Lynn has visited Christine twice.

      • Lynn is excited about going to New York.

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      1. Qual é a alternativa *falsa* de acordo com o texto?
        1. Christine and Lynn shared a room.
        2. Lynn has had several different jobs.
        3. Lynn has visited Christine twice.
        4. Lynn is excited about going to New York.
        1. shared a room = dividiam um quarto (elas eram roommates)

          Christine mora em New York, e Lynn nunca foi pra lá.


      2. Qual das alternativas é verdadeira, de acordo com o texto?
        1. Lynn has plants at home.
        2. Lynn hasn't made any travel arrangements yet.
        3. Lynn is from New York.
        4. Lynn has never worked as a babysitter.
        1. "arranged with a neighbor to water my plants while I'm out" <-- Ela combinou com o vizinho para ele regar suas plantas enquanto ela estiver fora.

          Lynn já reservou a passagem, e isso é um "travel arrangement".

      3. Qual das alternativas é verdadeira, de acordo com o texto?
        1. It's easy to find a winter job in this town.
        2. Lynn works as a pizza delivery person.
        3. Lynn is in high school.
        4. Lynn has been working in this bar for a couple of months.
        1. A Lynn trabalhou com 'pizza delivery' no passado, mas no momento ela trabalha em um bar.

          High-school = escola de ensino médio. Ela não está mais na escola (pois já teve até companheira de quarto na faculdade= college)

          a couple of months = uns dois meses

      4. Qual das alternativas é verdadeira, de acordo com o texto?
        1. Lynn and Christine have just met.
        2. The customers at the bar sometimes get drunk.
        3. Restaurants are usually empty during the tourist season.
        4. Lynn has never worked with food before.
        1. have just met = acabaram de se conhecer. Falso, pois elas se conhecem desde a faculdade.

          "there are plenty of restaurants and bars that need extra help in the tourist season" --> os restaurantes e bares precisam de ajuda extra na temporada de férias (turistas), portanto ficam mais cheios e não vazios.

          Lynn já trabalhou com comida, quando foi entregadora de pizza e assistente de cozinha.

      5. Qual das alternativas melhor descreve a opinião de Lynn sobre seu trabalho?
        1. She doesn't like the people.
        2. She likes the pay but doesn't like the hours.
        3. She's unhappy about her job.
        4. She loves absolutely everything about it.
        1. the pay = o salário, o quanto ela ganha

          the hours = as horas que ela trabalha e o horário de trabalho.

      Tags: education

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