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      RE Practice Quiz
      RE Practice Quiz
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      Who is the patron saint of Australia?
       of players answered correctly.
      • Blessed Mary MacKillop

      • St Patrick

      • Mary, Help of Christians

      • St Joseph

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      1. Who is the patron saint of Australia?
        1. Blessed Mary MacKillop
        2. St Patrick
        3. Mary, Help of Christians
        4. St Joseph
      2. Which apostle betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver?
        1. Peter
        2. Judas
        3. Simon
        4. John
      3. When praying the Rosary, which prayer is said the most times?
        1. the Hail Holy Queen
        2. the Our Father
        3. the Glory Be
        4. the Hail Mary
      4. In which Sacrament is water the main symbol?
        1. Baptism
        2. Marriage
        3. Eucharist
        4. Holy Orders
      5. John Bede Polding was the first Catholic.....
        1. priest in Australia
        2. bishop in Rome
        3. bishop in Australia
        4. cardinal in Rome
      6. At Mass, why do people stand up when the priest reads the gospel?
        1. to show respect for the priest and altar servers
        2. to see and hear the priest better
        3. to have movement in the liturgy
        4. to honour Jesus Christ who is present in the word
      7. The word 'Eucharist' means
        1. loving
        2. forgiving
        3. thanksgiving
        4. enjoying
      8. The main mission of the Church is to tell the Good News about
        1. the followers of Jesus.
        2. God's Kingdom of love.
        3. saints and martyrs.
        4. the Ten Commandments.
      9. In the homily(sermon) at Mass, the priest
        1. explains the scripture readings.
        2. welcomes the people.
        3. gives Holy Communion.
        4. blesses the people.
      10. In the Mass, the Penitential Rite takes place during the
        1. Introductory Rites.
        2. Liturgy of the Word.
        3. Liturgy of the Eucharist.
        4. Concluding Rite.
      11. Sacraments are........
        1. prayers to God for people who need our help.
        2. scared rituals of the Church that bring us God's grace.
        3. actions to support the Church's missionary work.
        4. holy pictures and objects that are in the church.
      12. The two Sacraments of healing are
        1. Baptism and Confirmation.
        2. Confirmation and Penance.
        3. Marriage and Holy Orders.
        4. Penance and Anointing of the Sick.
      13. The Sacrament of Holy Orders refers to the
        1. consecration of a Religious Sister.
        2. ordination of a deacon, priest or bishop.
        3. commissioning of a missionary.
        4. commitment of people to the Church.
      14. We receive Jesus as spiritual food in the Sacrament of
        1. Eucharist
        2. Baptism
        3. Penance
        4. Marriage
      15. The word 'Trinity' refers to
        1. Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
        2. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
        3. Mathew, Mark and Luke.
        4. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
      16. The Catholic Church describes sin as
        1. a situation when people are hurt.
        2. a mistake made by ordinary people.
        3. a choice to act against God's commandments.
        4. something that God will not forgive.
      17. The 5th commandment is "You shall not kill".This commandment means that we should
        1. respect other people's property.
        2. respect all human life.
        3. respect relationships.
        4. respect the good name of others.
      18. "The Word became flesh and lived among us" describes
        1. Mary, mother of Jesus.
        2. the Holy Spirit.
        3. Jesus Christ.
        4. the angel Gabriel.
      19. As stewards of creation we are called to
        1. use the Earth any way we want.
        2. enjoy the Earth and not be concerned about it.
        3. visit different places on the Earth.
        4. care for and protect the Earth.
      20. A Catholic belief that is stated in the Nicene Creed is that
        1. Mary travelled to Bethlehem on a donkey.
        2. God the Father created heaven and earth.
        3. Jesus performed many miracles.
        4. St Peter was the first Pope.
      21. What is our response when we receive the Body of Christ at Mass?
        1. Amen
        2. Thank you
        3. Lord have mercy
        4. Peace be with you
      22. On which day does the Church gather to reflect on the Stations of the Cross?
        1. Palm Sunday
        2. Holy Thursday
        3. Good Friday
        4. Easter Monday
      23. The Magi made a long journey to Bethlehem to find
        1. King Herod
        2. the child Jesus
        3. a place to live
        4. gifts to buy
      24. We receive God's forgiveness in the Sacrament of
        1. Marriage
        2. Holy Orders
        3. Penance
        4. Confirmation
      25. Which of the following occurs during the Concluding Rite of the Mass?
        1. The Breaking of Bread
        2. The Gospel
        3. The Blessing
        4. The Sign of Peace
      26. The names of the four Gospels are
        1. Matthew, Peter, Thomas, John
        2. James, Mark, Paul, John
        3. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
        4. John, James, Timothy, Mark
      27. The Old Testament includes the story of
        1. Judas
        2. Thomas
        3. Peter
        4. Moses
      28. Catholics can support the work of Caritas Australia during Lent by giving money to
        1. Charitable People
        2. Project Compassion
        3. Mercy Ministry
        4. Helping Hands
      29. The season of Advent is a time when we
        1. prepare for the coming of Jesus.
        2. celebrate the birth of Jesus.
        3. recall the death of Jesus.
        4. celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.
      30. A psalm is best described as
        1. teaching
        2. prayer
        3. law
        4. story
      31. Which was the only Church permitted to hold services in the early settlement in NSW?
        1. the Catholic Church
        2. the Methodist Church
        3. the Church of England
        4. the Lutheran Church
      32. Which one of the following prayers expresses our belief in the Trinity?
        1. Sign of the Cross
        2. Hail Mary
        3. Act of Contrition
        4. Our Father
      33. The Nicene Creed proclaims Catholic beliefs. It is also known as
        1. The Profession of Faith
        2. The Lord's Prayer
        3. The Sign of Peace
        4. The Prayer of Intercession
      34. On which day do Roman Catholics begin Lent?
        1. Ash Wednesday
        2. Good Friday
        3. Shrove Tuesday
        4. Holy Thursday
      35. The main way the Church continues the mission of Jesus is by
        1. visiting holy places
        2. celebrating with friends
        3. showing God's love to all people
        4. reading stories from religious books
      36. Which of the following events is known as the Ascension?
        1. Jesus walks on water
        2. Jesus goes up to heaven
        3. The Holy Spirit comes to the apostles
        4. The Holy Spirit is given to all people
      37. The Holy Spirit guides us to make decisions based on truths that Jesus taught.
        1. True
        2. False
      38. Jesus teaches us to love and forgive only those people who deserve it.
        1. True
        2. False
      39. Signs, symbols and rituals are an important part of Catholic celebrations and Sacraments.
        1. True
        2. False
      40. Catholics believe that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was taken to heaven, body and soul.
        1. True
        2. False
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