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      Green Brains Environment Quiz on QuizRevolution

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      Newest Quiz: Green Brains Environment Quiz

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      Green Brains Environment Quiz

      Welcome to the "GREEN BRAINS ENVIRONMENT QUIZ!!!!!!!"

      Green Brains Environment Quiz
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      What are CFC's?
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      • Chlorofluorocarbon

      • Cool Fish Cookies

      • Crazy Father Christmas

      • Chloroswineflucarbon

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      1. What are CFC's?
        1. Chlorofluorocarbon
        2. Cool Fish Cookies
        3. Crazy Father Christmas
        4. Chloroswineflucarbon
      2. Global Warming Is When......?
        1. Everyone uses heaters
        2. The earth heats up
        3. The temeperature rises by 50' C
        4. The earth has another ice age
      3. Global Warming Causes...?
        1. Everyone to wear T-shirts
        2. Schools to close down
        3. Icebergs in Antarctica to melt and Sea level to rise
        4. Oceans to Dry Out
      4. The Ozone Hole is Caused By...?
        1. Using Computers
        2. All mankind activities
        3. Smelly household object- (old socks & undies)
        4. Pollution and the Burning of Fossil Fuels
      5. What city in Australia will be Submerged?
        1. Hobart
        2. Perth
        3. Broome
        4. Wagga Wagga
      6. How can School Kids Help to Reduce the Amount of CFC's realeased into the atmosphere?
        1. By not wearing Smelly Socks
        2. Eat Healthy Food
        3. Turn off Unecessary electrical appliances
        4. By Being nice to Your Teacher and Parents
      7. What starting with *greenhouse* causes Global Warming?
        1. Greenhouse Plants
        2. Greenhouse Gases
        3. Greenhouse Grass
        4. Smelly Socks
      8. How can youhelp the environment by making simple changes to your lifestyle?
        1. Not wear smelly socks.
        2. Eating meat.
        3. Riding a bike around an oval.
        4. Turning electronics off at the Wall.
      9. How many times per week should you go shopping for groceries?
        1. Once
        2. Three times
        3. Twice
        4. As many times as long you have a lot of money
      10. By planting your own vegies you can...?
        1. Save $100
        2. Save energy and fuel
        3. Cause a lot of pollution
        4. Meet Justin Beiber
      11. Public Transport...?
        1. is Good for the environment.
        2. is Smellier than Socks
        3. Has lots of graffiti
        4. Causes less accidents
      12. Habitat clearing causes...?
        1. Less trees
        2. More Socks
        3. Extinction
        4. Loss of animal homes
      13. Hunting animals leads to...?
        1. Unhappy koalas
        2. Animal population depletions
        3. Lots of injuries
        4. Smelly Socks
      14. Which country produces the most pollution?
        1. China
        2. The land of Smelly Socks
        3. United States of America
        4. Finland
      15. Which country creates the LEAST amount of pollution?
        1. Antarctica
        2. Finland
        3. Austria
        4. New Zealand

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