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      High Holidays Super-Jew Quiz on QuizRevolution

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      Newest Quiz: High Holidays Super-Jew Quiz

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      High Holidays Super-Jew Quiz

      Are you a High Holiday Expert Super-Jew? Take our quiz to find out!

      High Holidays Super-Jew Quiz
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      The High Holidays occur in what Jewish month?
       of players answered correctly.
      • Septembre

      • Σεπτέμβριος

      • Tishrei

      • Tsunami

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      1. The High Holidays occur in what Jewish month?
        1. Septembre
        2. Σεπτέμβριος
        3. Tishrei
        4. Tsunami
      2. The three things that remove evil decrees are:
        1. Double Lattes, clearance sales at Saks, your newest iPhone
        2. Reiki, aromatherapy, your chiropractor
        3. Sunday, Monday, and Thursday Night Football
        4. Repairing Mistakes, Service of G-d, Acts of loving kindness
      3. The days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are otherwise known as:
        1. The 8 Days of Chanuka
        2. Days of Tshuva (Repairing Mistakes)
        3. Mayor Bloomberg’s No-Tax Days
        4. Days of amnesty for overdue library books
      4. Which famous NYC personality’s birthday is the day after Rosh Hashana?
        1. Paris Hilton
        2. Rabbi Henry Harris
        3. Lassie
        4. Hulk Hogan
      5. The famous prayer chanted at the outset of Yom Kippur is:
        1. O Sole Mio
        2. Ave Maria
        3. Kol Nidrei
        4. You Light Up My Life
      6. One of Yom Kippur’s prohibited activities is:
        1. Jello making
        2. Wearing leather shoes
        3. Eating leather shoes
        4. Contemplating the Federal deficit
      7. The “4 Steps” most closely associated with the High Holidays are the 4 Steps of a) Your a
        1. Your aerobics class
        2. Tshuva (Repairing Mistakes)
        3. The Time Warp (ala Rocky Horror)
        4. Changing your Facebook status
      8. Another name for Rosh Hashana is:
        1. The Day of Rabbinic Revenge
        2. Hakuna Matata
        3. The Neverending Day of Praying in a Language I Don‘t Speak
        4. The Day of Remembrance
      9. The Shofar is typically a ram's horn that serves:
        1. To rally the football fans of St. Louis
        2. To startle the people trying to sneak out to kiddush early
        3. To awaken the soul within each Jew to resolve to change
        4. To alert drivers of your car's presence in a festive fashion
      10. We dip apples in honey on Rosh Hashana to:
        1. Support locally grown produce
        2. Symbolize our prayer for a sweet New Year
        3. Find religiously acceptable ways to binge on holiday sweets
        4. Give children an opportunity to sing "Dip the Apple"
      Tags: religion

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