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      Welcome to my quiz page.  I hope you have fun!

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      What did Jacob Burak establish in 1987?
       of players answered correctly.
      • Maccabi Tel Aviv

      • Crescendo Networks

      • Euro Disneyland

      • Evergreen Venture Partners

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      1. What did Jacob Burak establish in 1987?
        1. Maccabi Tel Aviv
        2. Crescendo Networks
        3. Euro Disneyland
        4. Evergreen Venture Partners
        1. Evergreen was established in 1987 by Jacob Burak as one of Israel's first Venture Capital firms, and has grown into a leader, generating successful exits with tangible rewards for investors and entrepreneurs.   Evergreen's current $700 million of venture capital funds under management invested in more than 120 technology companies represents one of the largest portfolios in Israel.

      2. Which of the following fields are Evergreen's investments NOT focused on?
        1. Communications
        2. Internet and Media
        3. Software and Healthcare
        4. Rats named Mickey
        1. Evergreen's investments are focused on early stage Israeli companies in the following fields: Communications, Internet and Media, Software and Healthcare. Our investments are positioned in different segments of each of these markets to comprise a well diversified and balanced portfolio of companies.

      3. Erez Shachar is the chairman of what Committee?
        1. UNPPP - United Nations Pro Palestinian Platform
        2. Dieticians Without Borders
        3. Lance Armstrong's Bar Mitzvah Kiddish Club
        4. International Relations Committee of the Israeli High Tech A
        1. Erez joined Evergreen in the beginning of 2004 as a managing partner. He focuses on Evergreen's investments in the Software, Internet and New Media sectors. Erez joined Evergreen from NUR Macroprinters Ltd. (acquired by HP), where he served as CEO and President since 1997. Under his direction, NUR increased its revenues sevenfold by significantly penetrating global markets. Company sales increased from $16 million to over $120 million per year in less than four years.

      4. Which of the following accomplishments is not attributable to Sivan Shamri Dahan?
        1. BA (Summa Cum Laude) from the College of Administration
        2. An MBA (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of London
        3. A principal at Evergreen Venture Partners
        4. The Oslo Accord
        1. Sivan joined Evergreen in November 2004 as Investment Manager specializing in communications. Prior to joining Evergreen Sivan worked in O2 (LONDON: OOM) , the second largest mobile operator in the UK, as Business Development Manager specializing in major acquisitions. Prior to that, she worked in Starhome, a leader in value added mobile roaming services and a Comverse affiliate (NASDAQ: CMVT) as Sales and Marketing Manager in Europe. Before that Sivan served as Sales and Marketing Manager in Elgadphon Group (LONDON: LEAD)

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