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      Muscular System Quiz on QuizRevolution

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      Newest Quiz: Muscular System Quiz

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      Muscular System Quiz
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      The 3 types of muscles in the human body are:
       of players answered correctly.
      • Smooth, Cardiac and Skeletal

      • Smooth, Irregular and Cardiac

      • Irregular, Cardiac and Cranial

      • Cardiac, Hypertrophic and Smooth

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      1. The 3 types of muscles in the human body are:
        1. Smooth, Cardiac and Skeletal
        2. Smooth, Irregular and Cardiac
        3. Irregular, Cardiac and Cranial
        4. Cardiac, Hypertrophic and Smooth
        1. Answer A is correct!

      2. The main reason determining muscle fibre composition is?
        1. Heredity
        2. Training
        3. Age
        4. Gender
        1. Have you seen the movie "White Men Can't Jump"?

      3. Where are the Quadricep muscles located?
        1. Back
        2. Chest
        3. Front of Thigh
        4. Back of Thigh
        1. Massive Thighs!

      4. When the angle of the arm and forearm decreases the Bicep ___________.
        1. supinates
        2. flexes
        3. extends
        4. rotates
      5. The muscles between the Ribs are the ______________ muscles.
        1. Abdominal
        2. Intertransverse
        3. Intra-abdominal
        4. Intercostal
        1. Straining an intercostal muscle can often feel as bad as breaking a rib!

      6. The broadest muscle of the back is the ___________?
        1. Teres Major
        2. Trapezius
        3. Gluteals
        4. Latissimus Dorsi
        1. The Lats give the triangular shape to the back!

      7. Which is common of Red/Slow twitch muscle fibres compared to White/Fast twitch?
        1. smaller than fast twitch
        2. sprinters
        3. anaerobic
        4. fast contractions
      8. Which muscle is at the front of the Axial Skeleton:
        1. Gluteals
        2. Latissimus Dorsi
        3. Bicep
        4. Pectorals
        1. Did you need to listen to all of that to get the correct answer, I hope not!

      9. The muscle on the posterior side of the Pelvis is the __________.
        1. Triceps
        2. Pectorals
        3. Gluteals
        4. Deltoids
        1. The Gluteus Maximus is the largest muscle of the bum.

      10. The muscle that attaches to the achillies tendon is the __________.
        1. Gastroenteritis
        2. Gastrocnemius
        3. Gluteals
        4. Gastrominals
        1. Gastroenteritis is a stomach complaint!

          Gastrominals is a made up word!

          and that video was not of the Gluteals!

      11. Muscles of the Appendicular Skeleton include:
        1. Intercostals and Triceps
        2. Triceps and Gastrocnemius
        3. Latisimus Dorsi and Abdominals
        4. Pectorals and Gluteals
      12. Sit Ups target the __________ muscles.
        1. Intercostal
        2. Abdominal
        3. Deltoid
        4. Hamstring
        1. 6 pack Abs?

      13. Which is NOT a function/ purpose/ example of smooth muscle?
        1. involuntary
        2. non-striated
        3. striated
        4. vein
      14. A muscle at the back of the body beginning with T
        1. Trapezoid
        2. Trapezius
        3. Tricep
        4. Tribold
        1. In human anatomy, the trapezius is a large superficial muscle that extends longitudinally from the occipital bone to the lower thoracic vertebrae and laterally to the spine of the scapula (shoulder blade).

      15. Where would you find the Deltoid muscle?
        1. Arm
        2. Bum
        3. Shoulder
        4. Back
        1. It's a muscle of the shoulder!

      Tags: education , health

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