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      Safeguard The Earth on QuizRevolution

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      Safeguard The Earth
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      Safeguard The Earth
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      Which famous person will be responsible for saving 200,000 trees?
       of players answered correctly.
      • George Bush

      • Angelina Jolie

      • Bradd Pitt

      • Harry Potter

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      1. Which famous person will be responsible for saving 200,000 trees?
        1. George Bush
        2. Angelina Jolie
        3. Bradd Pitt
        4. Harry Potter
        1. Harry Potter fans may be proud to know that Scholastic, Inc., the U.S. publisher of the series, has made a commitment to print the newest Harry Potter novel on forest friendly paper that will save more than 200,000 mature trees. At least the Forbidden Forest and whomping willows will now be safe from the publishers axe.
      2. What % of the large fish such as tuna and swordfish are already gone?
        1. 90%
        2. 15%
        3. 7%
        4. 18%
        1. Ninety percent of the large fish like tuna and swordfish are already gone. Every year, high-tech fishing trawlers scrape bare an expanse of ocean floor 75 times larger than all the forests clear-cut on land. All six species of sea turtle in U.S. waters are threatened with extinction, and marine mammals are increasingly assaulted.
      3. What would help most to save our planet from Global warming disasters?
        1. Reduce consumption of oil
        2. Reduce consumption of electricity
        3. Reduce use of materials that produce carbon dioxide
        4. Reduce agricultural product that create green house gases
        5. Educate ourselves in use and conservation of resources
      4. In what state will the Aptera the electric car be sold first?
        1. Utah
        2. California
        3. Montana
        4. New Mexico
        1. It already available for pre-order, and priced at about $27,000. They will only be sold in California There will be two models of the Aptera: an all-electric version that goes 120 miles on a charge (for 2008), and a gasoline version that will get 300 mpg (for 2009). The car is also said to be very safe, see the safety FAQ [link:, name:here]. You can check out the youtube video [link:, name:here].
      5. Are Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Good for the Environment?
        1. yes
        2. no
        1. Almost every news story about global warming recommends that consumers switch from incandescent light bulbs to more efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs.Incandescent light bulbs use electricity to heat a filament to a white-hot state, producing light. Yet 90 percent of the energy used is wasted as heat, according to General Electric's Web site.,2933,309220,00.html
      6. Which country has the fastest growing global warming problem?
        1. China
        2. USA
        3. Saudi Arabia
        4. Russia
        5. Canada
        1. China is about to overtake the United States as the world's largest global warming polluter. Its thirst for oil will double by 2010, requiring another Saudi Arabia to meet its needs. Its air pollution is poised to quadruple in 15 years. Up to 40 percent of the toxic mercury in U.S. soil comes from China. And China's soaring demand for timber makes it the world's biggest driver of rainforest destruction. Fortunately, China's leaders recognize this emerging ecological disaster ...

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