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      Safeguard The Earth on QuizRevolution

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      Safeguard The Earth
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      Safeguard The Earth
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      Fossil fuels provide ___ % of the world's total energy.
       of players answered correctly.
      • 50%

      • 60%

      • 70-80%

      • 90%

      • 95%

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      1. Fossil fuels provide ___ % of the world's total energy.
        1. 50%
        2. 60%
        3. 70-80%
        4. 90%
        5. 95%
        1. Fossil fuels including coal, natural gas, and oil are formed from the fossilized remains of prehistoric plants and animals, and fossil fuels provide about 95% of the world's total energy.

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      2. Are Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Good for the Environment?
        1. yes
        2. no
        1. Almost every news story about global warming recommends that consumers switch from incandescent light bulbs to more efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs.Incandescent light bulbs use electricity to heat a filament to a white-hot state, producing light. Yet 90 percent of the energy used is wasted as heat, according to General Electric's Web site.,2933,309220,00.html
      3. What must nations do to limit the damage of global warming?
        1. Reduce dependence on carbon burning fuels
        2. Advocate dependence on carbon burning fuels
        3. Increase dependence on carbon burning fuels
        1. In James Hansen December, 2006 speech to the Geophysical Union, he noted that carbon dioxide emissions are ''now surging well above&quot; the point where damage to the planet might be limited. Speaking to a reporter from The Washington Post, he put it bluntly: Having raised the earth's temperature 1 degree Fahrenheit in the last three decades, we're facing another increase of 4 degrees over the next century. That would ''imply changes that constitute practically a different planet.&quot; The technical terms for those changes include drought, famine, pestilence, and flood. James Hansen was the first leading scientist to explain global warming to the U.S. congress and the American people.
      4. The main problem associated with recycling plastics is:
        1. it is too expensive and time consuming
        2. the product will only be recycled once
        3. The Resin Identification Coding System is inconsistent
        4. the energy saving is minimal
      5. What percent of energy comes from fossil fuels?
        1. 50%
        2. 10%
        3. 6.4%
        4. 94%
        5. 60%
      6. Does the Apple IPhone contain hazardous materials?
        1. yes
        2. no
        1. Some iPhone components tested positive for chlorinated plastic polyvinyl chloride and bromine flame retardants that can be a toxin after being thrown away, Greenpeace said in a report titled ''Missing Call: iPhone's Hazardous Material.'' The combination handheld media player's battery also is typically glued and soldered to the handset, making it more difficult to remove for recycling, the environmental group said.

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