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      Randy Pausch Last Lecture on QuizRevolution

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      Randy Pausch Last Lecture
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      Randy Pausch Last Lecture
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      Who was Randy's partner in founding the Entertainment Technology Center?
       of players answered correctly.
      • Indira Nair

      • Don Marinelli

      • Steve Seabolt

      • Jon Snoody

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      1. Who was Randy's partner in founding the Entertainment Technology Center?
        1. Indira Nair
        2. Don Marinelli
        3. Steve Seabolt
        4. Jon Snoody
        1. Randy founded Entertainment Technology Center With Don Marinelli, which quickly became the gold standard organization fortraining artists and engineers to work together.
      2. What are Randy's childrens' names?
        1. Dillon, Randy, Patty
        2. Laura, Matthew, Nathan
        3. Dillon, Loren, Corrine
        4. Dylan, Logan, Chloe
        5. Dillon, Matthew, Chloe
      3. What TV network named Randy Pausch ''Person of the Week''?
        1. ABC
        2. CBS
        3. NBC
        4. FOX
        1. ABC News, which featured Dr. Pausch on ''Good Morning America,'' named him its ''Person of the Week''.
      4. Randy urges parents to let kids paint their room if they wish to do so.
        1. True
        2. False
        1. I always wanted a submarine and an elevator says Randy. His parents let him paint the walls of his room. And they never got upset about it! And it is still there! Randy urges parents to do stuff like that.
      5. What year did Randy earn his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Brown University?
        1. 1985
        2. 1992
        3. 1991
        4. 1982
        1. Randy earned his undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Brown in 1982.
      6. What year did Randy earn his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon?
        1. 1985
        2. 1992
        3. 1988
        4. 1982
        1. Randy earned his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon 1988.

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