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      The Optical Illusion Quiz on QuizRevolution

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      Newest Quiz: The Optical Illusion Quiz

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      The Optical Illusion Quiz
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      The Optical Illusion Quiz
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      How many car/s do you see in the foreground?
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      1. How many car/s do you see in the foreground?
        1. 2
        2. 1
        3. 4
        4. 3
        1. There is only one car. The green car is painted on the yellow van.
      2. How many black dots can you count ?
        1. Zero
        2. 9
        3. 35
        4. 50
        1. There are no black dots. If you focus directly on each dot, you'll see that all of them are white.
      3. Are the horizontal lines sloping or straight ?
        1. Sloping
        2. Straight
        1. All of the lines are straight. The misaligned black and white blocks fool your brain into thinking that the lines are sloping.

      4. Which of the two central circles is smaller ?
        1. Left
        2. They're equal
        3. Right
        1. Both circles are the same size . The circle on the right looks smaller because it is surrounded by larger circles.
      5. Are there any grammatical errors in this sentence?
        1. YES
        2. NO
        1. Just as in other optical illusions, we try to make sense out of what we see. We automatically discard or disregard information that does not add to our understanding.
      6. Which small square is darker?
        1. Right
        2. Same
        3. Left
        1. Both of the smaller squares are equally dark The square on the right looks darker because it is in the middle of a larger square which is lighter.
      7. What animal do you see ?
        1. Rabbit
        2. Duck
        3. Both
        1. There is both a rabbit and a duck. Look at it again !
      8. Concentrate on this image ,what do you see ?
        1. A sailing boat
        2. A face
        3. A fat cat
        4. A racing car
        5. Nothing
        1. If you concentrate on the centre of the picture you eventually see a face ( JOHN LENON ).
      9. Which side of the bar is darker ?
        1. Left
        2. Neither
        3. Right
        1. Both sides of the bar are equally dark. The right side of the bar looks darker because the surrounding background is lighter.
      10. The red figure is a perfect square.
        1. TRUE
        2. FALSE
        1. The contrast between the points of the square and the smoothness of the circles makes the angles appear sharper than they actually are in this distortion-type optical illusion.

      11. How many times does the letter F appear in this sentence?
        1. 3
        2. 4
        3. 5
        4. 6
        1. The letter F appears 6 times. Most people don't see the second OF in the second line.
      12. Which shape is bigger?
        1. Top
        2. Bottom
        3. same
        1. Both shapes are the same size In fact, it's the same shape placed in different positions.

      13. What word do you see?
        1. Evil
        2. Good
        3. Both
        1. You can see both words - Evil and Good. Evil- White Good - Black

      14. Which yellow line is longer?
        1. Top
        2. Bottom
        3. Both the Same
        1. Both lines are the same length The line on top looks longer because your brain is fooled into thinking that it is further away.
      15. How many triangles are there ?
        1. zero
        2. 1
        3. 2
        1. There are no triangles Most people see 2 triangles. In fact, there are only 3 Pacman shapes and 3 V shapes.
      16. In which direction is the lady spinning?
        1. Clockwise
        2. Counter-clockwise
        3. It depends on your brain
        1. This is a little test that will tell you whether the left or right hemisphere of your brain is more dominant. Instead of concentrating on her chest, concentrate on the woman's movement. If you see her spinning clockwise, that means you're using the right side, or more creative side of your brain. If she appears to be moving counter-clockwise, then that means the left side, or more logical side of your think muscle is superior. Check out all the cool youtube videos of the spinning lady!

      17. Are the circles rotating?
        1. YES
        2. NO
        3. Maybe
        1. The 'Rotating Snake' illusion is one of my favorites. The image appears to be in constant motion, but in fact it is completely stationary.
      18. straight or bent ???
        1. perfectly straight.
        2. Seemingly Bent.
        1. (believe it or not), the lines of the &quot;diamond&quot; you see, are perfectly straight. Those of you with keen eye for details will notice the light background shares the same effect.
      19. is the image a young women or and old lady?
        1. young women
        2. old lady
        3. both
      20. What image is hidden in this picture?
        1. A dog
        2. A horse
        3. A baby
        4. A fat woman
        5. A duck
        Tags: fun , games , puzzles , Quiz , Optical

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