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      The Great Logo Quiz
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      The Great Logo Quiz
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      Name this brand
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      • Jameson

      • Chivas Regal

      • Johnny Walker

      • Bushmills

      • Jack Daniels

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      1. Name this brand
        1. Jameson
        2. Chivas Regal
        3. Johnny Walker
        4. Bushmills
        5. Jack Daniels
        1. Johnny Walker sells 120 million bottles of whiskey a year!!! That's enough to give a shot of whiskey to everyone on the planet who is over 18!
      2. You probably saw this logo on a:
        1. Video game
        2. Airplane
        3. Elevator
        4. Refrigerator
        5. Cigarette box
        1. Atari is a corporate and brand name owned by several entities since 1972. Their first successful game was called &quot;Pong&quot;, and was released on November 29, 1972. Pong was based on the sport of table tennis (or &quot;ping pong&quot;), and named after the sound generated by the circuitry when the ball is hit Pong was the first video game to achieve widespread popularity in both arcade and home console versions, and launched the initial boom in the video game industry.
      3. This logo is associated with?
        1. Sportswear
        2. Health food
        3. Alchohol
        4. Cosmetics
        5. Mobile phones
        1. Wella is one of the world's leading cosmetics suppliers. Founded in Germany (1880) by a 26 year old hairdresser named Franz Stroher.
      4. This company will probably sell you a
        1. Whisky
        2. Guitar
        3. Life insurance
        4. Gun
        5. Tobacco
        1. Among the musicians playing on a Martin guitar you'll find: Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Beck, Sting and many more...
      5. If you just bought a metro ticket and saw this logo above it, you are probably in
        1. Budapest
        2. London
        3. Melbourne
        4. San Fransisco
        5. Taipei
        1. One of the greatest attractions in Taipei is the 'Taipei 101' building, a 101 floors tower that was already acclaimed as one of the new 7 wonders of the world... Up until July 2007 it was the tallest building in the world. Today the title belongs to the 'Burj Dubai' tower in Dubai.
      6. Which is the hometown for this sports club?
        1. Saint Louis
        2. Boston
        3. New York
        4. Toronto
        5. Detroit
        1. The New York Yankees is a professional Baseball club. It was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles and moved to New York City in 1903. It then became known as the New York Highlanders, and evolved to be the 'Yankees' in 1913. From 1923 to the present, the Yankees have played in Yankee Stadium (in the Bronx section of New York).
      7. This logo represents a
        1. Bank
        2. Airline
        3. Football club
        4. American university fraternity
        5. Hi-Fi manufacture
        1. ABN AMRO was in the period of 1991 till 2007 one of the largest banks in Europe and had operations in about 63 countries around the world. Originated in the Netherlands, its history dated back to 1824. Last October is was announced that 86% of the bank's stocks has been sold to a onsortium of three European banks. This is the largest ever bank takeover in history.
      8. Name this brand and country of origin
        1. RynaAir, Ireland
        2. Philip Morris, USA
        3. Guinness, Ireland
        4. Fortis, Belgium
        5. Glenmorangie, Scotland
        1. Rumor has it that one of the secret ingredients in Guinness beer is milk.... ----&gt; For details on this competition and [link:, name:Prize Awards!]
      9. Name this company
        1. Warner Bros.
        2. Apple
        3. Yamaha
        4. Siemens
        5. Daewoo
        1. Did you know that Kim Woo-jung, the founder of Daewoo Group, was sentenced In May 2006 to 10 years in jail after being found guilty of charges including embezzlement and accounting fraud. He also received a fine of approximately 21 trillion won ($22bn USD)....
      10. The Legendry Led Zeppelin, Rolling stones and others released their records in this label
        1. RCA
        2. Atlantic Records
        3. Geffen Records
        4. Stax Records
        5. Blue Note Records
        1. Did you know that the upcoming reunion of Led Zeppeling in London, is actually a tribute concert for the late Ahmet Ertegun, the founder of Atlantic Records...
      11. where is this logo from?
        1. Travel Agency
        2. Furniture store
        3. Insurance Company
        4. Bank
        5. Post Office
        1. That's the Dutch Postbank
      12. From what is this logo?
        1. Music Store
        2. Gas Station
        3. Insurance Company
        4. Cosmetics
        5. Supermarket
        1. This is BP, the international company that sets as goal finding, producing and marketing the natural energy resources on which the modern world depends. oil &amp; natural gas operations together with related pipeline transportation &amp; processing activities
      13. This logo refers to which international airport?
        1. Prague
        2. London
        3. Johannesburg
        4. Los Angeles
        5. Tokyo
        1. Over the last 3 months (until December 2007), more than 1.2 million tourists visited Prague
      14. This company is one of the biggest ________ companies in the world
        1. Mobile phones
        2. Fast food
        3. Music instruments
        4. Internet
        5. Stationery
        1. AOL is an American global Internet services and media company operated by Time Warner and headquartered in New York.
      15. This company will provide me with a:
        1. Washing machine
        2. Anti aging cream
        3. LCD screen
        4. Flying ticket
        5. Mobile phone
        1. Vodafone is the largest mobile telecommunications network company in the world! At 31 January 2007, Vodafone had 200 million customers in 27 markets across 5 continents.
      16. Which logo is being presented here
        1. Reebok
        2. Nike
        3. Adidas
        4. Puma
        5. Timberland
        1. ----&gt; For details on this competition and [link:, name:Prize Awards!] click on the link.
      17. It's not that hard, it's a part of a very famous logo...
        1. Samsonite
        2. Budweiser
        3. L'oreal
        4. Starbucks
        5. Taco Bell
      18. Name this brand
        1. Lamborghini
        2. Red Bull
        3. Chicago Bulls
        4. Dodge
        5. Oxford university
      19. This logo is of an
        1. Bank
        2. Airline
        3. Sports Stadium
        4. Mexican City
        5. Fast Food Chain
        1. AeroM&Atilde;&copy;xico is an airline based in Mexico City, Mexico. It is the largest airline in Mexico
      20. Where is this company from?
        1. Belgium
        2. Bolivia
        3. UK
        4. Israel
        5. USA
        1. Bezeq is a telecommunications provider in Israel. Until the mid-2000s when it was owned by the Israeli government, Bezeq had a monopoly on wireline telephony. While still the most dominant provider of telephone services, it now has competition with the sole cable provider in the country, HOT, which offers cable-based telephone services as of 2005.
      21. This is a
        1. Kids cloths chain
        2. Kids furnitures chain
        3. Fitness club chain
        4. Fast food chain
        5. Animals store chain
        1. This is the American Wendy's, a 6000 fast food restaurants world wide chain...
      22. This company will sell you a
        1. Car
        2. Hi-Fi Stero
        3. Drums
        4. Mobile phone
        5. Jeans
        1. This is Infinity's logo, the luxurious cars company...
      23. This is symbol for the
        1. FIFA
        2. CIA
        3. E.U
        4. U.N
        5. K.G.B
      24. This is the logo for which company
        1. Adidas
        2. Umbro
        3. Lotto
        4. Reebok
        5. Puma
      25. This logo represents which airline
        1. Macedonia
        2. Greece
        3. Italy
        4. Korea
        5. Eygypt
        1. Enter here to see how you can win 50$
      26. This logo represents which company
        1. T-Mobile
        2. Sergio tacchini
        3. British Telecom
        4. Turkish-air
        5. Daily Telegraph
        1. Sergio Tacchini is an Italian fashion designer of sportswear and this is the logo for his company... Did you know he was a pro-tennis player in his youth?
      27. Come on, you have seen this one before...
        1. IBM
        2. Bell
        3. AT&T
        4. Black&Decker
        5. Pan-Am
        1. Register, add questions and WIN!! Details here:
      28. Name this brand
        1. Creative
        2. Asus
        3. Sharp
        4. L.G
        5. Logitech
      29. You have seen this Lion on which football club player's shirts?
        1. Liverpol
        2. Manchester United
        3. Chelsea
        4. Q.P.R
        5. Leeds United
        1. Did you know that Chelsea's manager is the Israeli Avram Grant?
      30. This company does what business in Singapore?
        1. Oil
        2. Property
        3. Fast food
        4. Supermarket
        1. Keppel Group is a big Organisation in singapore. Keppel land deals with propety, while keppel corp deals with oil industry.
      31. This company will sell you?
        1. Perfume
        2. Shoes
        3. Fast food
        4. Moblie phones
        1. KFC, i bet everyone knows.
      32. This logo represents?
        1. A shoe company
        2. A soccer club
        3. A hockey club
        4. A basketball club
        1. Come the red devils!
      33. This logo is associated with?
        1. perfume
        2. mobile phone
        3. fast food
        4. shoes
      34. This company will sell you?
        1. fast food
        2. shoes
        3. moblie phone
        4. computer
        1. What a burger... It's Carl's Jr. famous star...
      35. This logo represents?
        1. basketball club
        2. hockey club
        3. soccer club
        4. shoe company
        1. You'll NEVER walk alone! Liverpool!!!!
      36. This logo tell you about their?
        1. Walkman mobile phones
        2. Television
        3. computer
        4. watch
      37. This logo is famous for their?
        1. Branded Watches
        2. Cars
        3. houses
        4. phones
      38. This logo is associated with?
        1. wrestling
        2. football
        3. boxing
        4. singing
        1. WWE!! I am not sure if everyone knows? But they came from a long way. From wwwf to wwf to wwe. World wrestling entertainment
      39. Name this brand, please...
        1. Alfa Romeo
        2. Philip Morris
        3. Bvlgari
        4. Oxford university
        5. Paul n shark
        1. Alfa Romeo is an Italian automobile manufacturer founded in 1910. Alfa Romeo has been a part of the Fiat Group since 1986.
      40. This logo reminds you of your?
        1. Watch
        2. Computer/laptop
        3. Tv
      41. This Logo is associated with?
        1. Car
        2. Aeroplane
        3. Soccer
        4. computer
      42. this logo is associated with?
        1. wildlife
        2. wrestling
        1. Go to and sign the petition created by the World Wildlife Fund to send to the prime minister to make Canada more environmentally friendly place. Thanks!
      43. This logo leads to?
        1. Million dollar cars
        2. Million dollar ships
        3. Million dollar aeroplane
        1. Kimi R&Atilde;&curren;ikk&Atilde;&para;nen is the Formula 1 winner for this year, after an amazing last race beating McLaren's drivers Alonso and Hamilton...
      44. This logo represents?
        1. Telephone company
        2. Computer company
        3. Oil company
        4. Diamond company
        1. Singtel is singapore largest telecommunication company.
      45. Name this brand
        1. Tommy Hilferger
        2. Ralph Lauren
        3. Lacoste
        4. Abercrombie
        5. Zara
        1. Name this brand
          1. Lives
          2. timberland
          3. Disel
          4. H and M
          5. Prada
        2. Name this brand
          1. General Eelectric
          2. IBM
          3. Lg
          4. Apple
          5. Amana
        3. Name this brand
          1. LG
          2. Apple
          3. Amana
          4. IBM
          5. General Electric
        4. Who is?
          1. Everton FC
          2. Astana SC
          3. SC Freamunde
          4. Atlético Cadiz
          5. Friedriensen SC
          1. The best club in Portugal, SC Freamunde since 1933. Come on Cap&Atilde;&micro;es!!!
        5. Where is this N from??
          1. Sony
          2. Sanyo
          3. Sanseo
          4. Simmons
          5. San-Yang
        6. What about this N, it belongs to?
          1. Nestle
          2. Nescafe
          3. Nespresso
          1. The best coffee in the world...
        7. An easy one, don't give up!
          1. Reebok
          2. Fila
          3. Adidas
          4. Puma
          5. Kappa
          1. Come on, add your own question and win50$!!!
        8. Company that provides ................ equipment
          1. Cars
          2. Computers
          3. House
          4. Outdoor
          5. Food
        9. Name this brand
          1. Bic
          2. Gilette
          3. Crest
          4. Edge
          5. Parker
        10. this logo company is ?
          1. car's
          2. fast food
          3. fashion
          4. bank
          5. media
          1. s. wear - israel fashion company since 1996
        11. this logo company is?
          1. open office
          2. burn software
          3. media player
          4. barbecue company
          1. Rip audio CDs and non-copy-protected DVDs quickly and easily with the worlds leading burning engine. Burn audio files or data to CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or HD DVD
        12. this logo is ?
          1. OUTDOOR
          2. GPS
          3. INTERNET
          4. COFFEE
          1. this is the best GPS software.
        13. What does this logo represents?
          1. Wi-Fi
          2. Bluetooth
          3. I.R
          4. CPU
          5. Motorola
        14. What is this?
          1. Post Blog
          2. Blog Blog
          3. Blogger
          4. Blogger Spot
          5. Blogged
        15. Which surf brand does this logo represent?
          1. Quiksilver
          2. Waterhole
          3. Golden Breed
          4. Crystal Cylinders
          5. Billabong
        16. Which surf brand does this logo represent?
          1. Quiksilver
          2. Bonds
          3. Billabong
          4. Tsunami
          5. Volcom
        17. Which synthesizer manufacturer built this famous model?
          1. Casio
          2. Roland
          3. Moog
          4. Yamaha
          5. Waldorf
        18. This company makes...?
          1. Computer Games
          2. Car Alarms
          3. Manufacturing Robots
          4. Surgical Equipment
          5. Computer Musical Instrument
          1. The Fairlight CMI (Computer Musical Instrument) was the first polyphonic digital sampling synthesizer. It was designed in 1978 by the founders of Fairlight, Peter Vogel and Kim Ryrie, and based on a dual microprocessor computer designed by Tony Furse in Sydney, Australia.
        19. What would you be playing if it had this logo?
          1. The Stockmarket
          2. Poker Machine
          3. Soccer
          4. Records
          5. Electronic Drums
          1. The Simmons range of drum synths was unique in sound, design and use, it formed a huge part of the sound of songs in the 1980's and became instantly recognisable.
        20. What would you be wearing if you put on a ....bearing this logo?
          1. bail bonds
          2. hat
          3. contraception
          4. singlet
          5. glove
          1. Chesty Bond is a long-lived fictional cartoon character and trademark for the Australian clothing company Bonds. Originally created in 1938 as part of a merchandising campaign to sell men's underwear (and the singlet - a type of vest - in particular), Chesty Bond is recognised by many Australians as a popular national icon.
        21. Which Company uses this logo?
          1. Michelin
          2. Dunlop
          3. Atari
          4. Mazda
          5. Loft
        22. which car has this logo
          1. Mazda
          2. Honda
          3. Hyundai
          4. Toyota
          5. Chevrolet
        23. guess this brand!
          1. westide
          2. marks and spencers
          3. mango
          4. barista
          5. urban yoga
        24. which soon to start airport does this logo represent?
          1. new york
          2. london
          3. sydney
          4. melbourne
          5. bangalore
        25. which famous media group does this logo represent
          1. the sun
          2. times group
          3. new york post
          4. E!
          5. CNN
        26. what does this logo endorse?
          1. fast food
          2. clothes
          3. refridgerator
          4. jewlery
          5. automobile
        27. What soccer team is this?
          1. ManU
          2. Liverpool
          3. Arsenal
          4. Baarcelona
        28. what model of carrera turbo did porsche start giving awd to?
          1. 930(1975-1989)
          2. 964(1990–1993)
          3. 933(1995–1998)
          4. 996(2000–2004)
          5. 997(2004–Present)
          1. A Turbo version of the 993 was launched in 1995 and became the first standard production Porsche with twin exhaust turbochargers and the first 911 Turbo to be equipped with permanent all-wheel-drive. The similarity in specification and in performance levels inspired several comparison road tests with the Porsche 959 (f.e. Car and Driver, July 1997, p. 63)
        29. what does the logo represents?
          1. multifunctional electronic calculators
          2. money counters
          3. computers/laptops
          4. household electronics
          5. heavy industrial mechines
          1. this is the old logo of ibm......the world's first computer manufacturer.
        30. This city is where the world's tallest building is located at
          1. New York
          2. Taipei
          3. Dubai
          4. Toronto
          1. The Burj Dubai tower is still under construction in the Gulf emirate of Dubai and is now 555 meters (1,831.5 feet) tall. It has finally surpassed the 553-metre- (1,824.9-feet) CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, which held the record for the world’s tallest free-standing structure since 1976.
        31. what drink
          1. 7up
          2. mountain dew
          3. pepsi
          4. coca cola
          5. red bull
        32. what type
          1. magazine
          2. band
          3. jb petit high scool
          4. estates/property
          5. tv show

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