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      Test Your Green Knowledge
      Test Your Green Knowledge
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      What is the ozone layer?
       of players answered correctly.
      • Related to oxygen

      • A pollutant

      • An important part of the atmosphere

      • All of the above

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      1. What is the ozone layer?
        1. Related to oxygen
        2. A pollutant
        3. An important part of the atmosphere
        4. All of the above
        1. The correct answer is All of the above.  Atmospheric ozone blocks ultraviolet rays; ground level ozone is a component of smog

      2. What does not contribute to the greenhouse effect?
        1. Methane from livestock
        2. The hole in the ozone layer
        3. Industrial pollutants
        4. Auto emissions
        1. The correct answer is The hole in the ozone layer.  The atmospheric traps heat from the sun, much like a greenhouse.  The ozone hole lets harmful ultraviolet rays in

      3. Which activity does not reduce global warming?
        1. Using a dishwasher
        2. Using a power strip for electronics
        3. Driving an electric car
        4. Leaving a computer on
        1. The correct answer is Leaving a computer on.  Save money and reduce emissions by turning electronics off when not in use

      4. Which country is the “greenest?
        1. Switzerland
        2. Germany
        3. Japan
        4. Spain
        1. The correct answer is Switzerland.  The Swiss create 70 percent less greenhouse gas emissions per capita than Americans

      5. What are greenhouse gases?
        1. Other words for inert gases
        2. Fuel used by farmers
        3. Vapours rising off greenhouses
        4. Heat-trapping atmospheric gases
        1. The correct answer is Heat-trapping atmospheric gases.  The chief greenhouse gases are water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, and ozone

      6. Does global warming mean that every place on Earth is getting warmer?
        1. No, just summers are warmer
        2. No, but world average is rising
        3. Yes, every spot on Earth is hotter
        4. No, only certain spots.
        1. The correct answer is No, but world average is rising.  Experts estimate that the average temperature will rise 2.5 to 10.4 degrees Farenheit by 2100

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