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      TAKII 6 ~ND 2008~ Quiz on QuizRevolution

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      TAKII 6 ~ND 2008~ Quiz
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      TAKII 6 ~ND 2008~ Quiz
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      What is AMEN's flagship audio broadcast called?
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      • X-Stream

      • X-Treme

      • Hammer Time

      • Drill, Baby, Drill

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      1. What is AMEN's flagship audio broadcast called?
        1. X-Stream
        2. X-Treme
        3. Hammer Time
        4. Drill, Baby, Drill
      2. What was the 1st Vid Game Tourney of TAKII 6?
        1. Soul Calibur 3 (PS2)
        2. Soul Calibur 4 (360)
        3. Ikaruga (GC)
        4. Kung-Fu Election (PC)
      3. According to TAKII 6's "Election Epicenter", which campaign won the most debates?
        1. Clinton-Christopher Campaign
        2. McCain-Palin Campaign
        3. Obama-Biden Campaign
        4. It was a tie ^_^
      4. When did TAKII 6 take place?
        1. Oct. 25th - 26th, 2008
        2. Oct. 5th - 6th, 2008
        3. Jan. 20th, 2009
        4. Mar. 20th - 23rd, 2006
      5. What was the "drink of choice" for TAKII 6's guests & performers?
        1. Ramune
        2. Faygo
        3. Red Bull
        4. Bawls
      6. What was the subtitle of TAKII 6?
        1. NoDecision 2008
        2. NoBama 2008
        3. NintenDecision 2008
        4. NintendoDecision 2008
      7. What does AMEN stand for?
        1. Asian Multimedia Entertainment Network
        2. All Men Eat Noodles
        3. Anime Makes Every Number
        4. Asian Multitudes Endure Nothing
      8. Which Nintendo console was on the line in the "Blind Faith Challenge"?
        1. GC
        2. SNES
        3. N64
        4. NES
      9. Where did TAKII 6 take place?
        1. The Rotunda
        2. The Kimmel Center
        3. Christ Church Of The Holy Communion
        4. AMEN & The Rotunda
      10. In TAKII 6's "Top 44 Countdown", which song came in at #44?
        1. Heart Of Sword ~Yoake Mae (Before Dawn)~ <Rurouni Kenshin>
        2. Arashi no Nakade Kagayaite <Kidou Senshi Gundam>
        3. Tsumi no Bara (Sinful Rose) <Makai Senki Disgaea>
        4. Yume Hanabi (Dream Fireworks) <Marchen Awakens Romance>

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