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      Ch 8 Energy on QuizRevolution

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      LisaPeck224 Quiz Channel

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      Quizzes Created: 9

      Total Views: 74,306

      Newest Quiz: Ch 27/28 Light & Color

      I teach 9th grade Conceptual Physics using the Paul Hewitt book. He gave me permission to use his images for my website and these quizzes.

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      Ch 8 Energy
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      Ch 8 Energy
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      Dams can be used to produce hydropower but rivers cannot.
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      1. Dams can be used to produce hydropower but rivers cannot.
        1. true
        2. false
      2. Fossil fuels are examples of __ energy.
        1. thermal
        2. nuclear
        3. chemical
        4. electrical
      3. All power plants (except solar) use turbines to turn generators that produce electricity.
        1. true
        2. false
      4. Wind is a __ source of energy.
        1. renewable
        2. nonrenewable
      5. A nuclear power plant generates heat by __.
        1. nuclear fusion of uranium
        2. nuclear fission of uranium
        3. the melting of uranium
        4. the burning of uranium
      6. Kinetic energy describes both horizontal or vertical motion.
        1. true
        2. false
      7. The food we eat contains __ energy.
        1. thermal
        2. chemical
        3. kinetic
        4. nuclear
      8. The major difference between a nuclear and fossil fuel power plant is __.
        1. the size of the turbines
        2. the size of the generators
        3. the amount of water used
        4. the way heat is made
      9. Gravitation potential energy depends on __.
        1. weight of object
        2. height of object
        3. weight of object & height of object
        4. weight & height of object & path taken
      10. Energy stored in the bonds of a substance is __.
        1. nuclear energy
        2. chemical energy
        3. electrical energy
        4. thermal energy
      11. Energy from the sun is a __ source of energy.
        1. renewable
        2. nonrenewable
      12. Petroleum is a __ source of energy.
        1. renewable
        2. nonrenewable
      13. Energy of a body that results from its motion.
        1. radiant energy
        2. thermal energy
        3. electrical energy
        4. kinetic energy
      14. The ability to do work or to move an object.
        1. energy
        2. radiant energy
        3. chemical energy
        4. mechanical energy
      15. Type of energy due to a compressed or stretched position is __.
        1. gravitational potential energy
        2. elastic potential energy
        3. chemical energy
        4. thermal energy
      16. Energy due to an elevated postion is __.
        1. gravitational potential energy
        2. elastic potential energy
        3. kinetic energy
        4. electrical energy
      17. Energy located inside of the atom is __.
        1. chemical energy
        2. thermal energy
        3. nuclear energy
        4. electrical energy
      18. A power plant is a facility where energy conversions take place.
        1. true
        2. false
      19. Biomass is a renewable energy resource.
        1. true
        2. false
      20. Solar energy technology is extremely efficient.
        1. true
        2. false
      21. Kinetic energy depends on both mass & velocity of the object.
        1. true
        2. false

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