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      Bava Metzia 32 on QuizRevolution

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      I gratefully acknowledge that the Talmud questions are provided to me by Rabbi Moshe Goldberger. All errors introduced while editing are mine.

      Talmud Daily

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      Bava Metzia 32
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      Which is greater the Mitzva to honor Parents or the Mitzva to honor Hashem?
       of players answered correctly.
      • Parents

      • Hashem

      • They are equal in some ways

      • The reward for mitzvot is not known

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      1. Which is greater the Mitzva to honor Parents or the Mitzva to honor Hashem?
        1. Parents
        2. Hashem
        3. They are equal in some ways
        4. The reward for mitzvot is not known
      2. What should one do if a parent asks for something, but one needs to return a lost item?
        1. Listen to your parents
        2. Return the item, since they too have this obligation
        3. Rebuke the parent
        4. Ignore both, since the question is unresolved
      3. Which is greater to help unload an animal or to help load up?
        1. Load
        2. Equally important
        3. Unload
        4. One does not know the reward for the mitzvot
      4. What are the reasons why unloading is a great Mitzva?
        1. The animal is suffering
        2. The owner may loose a lot
        3. Both mentioned above
        4. Neither of mentioned above
      5. If his friend asks for help to unload & his enemy needs help to load which comes first?
        1. Love your neighbour - refers to a friend
        2. If your enemy is hungry, feed him
        3. Help your enemy and subdue your evil inclination
        4. Equally important
      6. How can one have an enemy dosn't the Torah teach us not to hate each other?
        1. If he is a Republican and you are a Democrat
        2. All people secretly hate each other
        3. If he sinned, was warned, and refused to stop (Tosafot)
        4. If you had that enemy before you became observant
      Tags: education , law

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