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      Remember Our Senior Year? on QuizRevolution

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      Newest Quiz: Remember Our Senior Year?

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      Remember Our Senior Year?
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      Remember Our Senior Year?
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      Which classmates nickname was Baretta?
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      • Brad Dellinger

      • Wayne Miller

      • Benny Andes

      • Jimbo Stout

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      1. Which classmates nickname was Baretta?
        1. Brad Dellinger
        2. Wayne Miller
        3. Benny Andes
        4. Jimbo Stout
      2. Who was the Homecoming queen our senior year?
        1. Mary Sue Fuller
        2. Cena Hubbell
        3. Loretta White
        4. Kim Collett
      3. Who was the president of the National Honor Society?
        1. Terrell Munson
        2. Meg Wright
        3. Brigette Pence
        4. Mary Sue Fuller
      4. Who was a cheerleader every year at CHS?
        1. Annette Frazier
        2. Melvina Racey
        3. Lisa Pence
        4. Gina Corley
      5. Who was the Principal our senior year?
        1. David Brill
        2. Carl Plum
        3. Allen Kagey
        4. Stu Richardson
      6. Who was voted "Best Dressed"?
        1. Gale Givens
        2. Danny Riffee
        3. Liz Conner
        4. Robbie Keller
      7. What was our Theme during Homecoming?
        1. Carousel
        2. Stairway to heaven
        3. Tropical Paradise
        4. Evening Enchantment
      8. Which Sport did we place 2nd in District our Senior year?
        1. Boys Varsity Track
        2. Girls Varsity Basketball
        3. Varsity Football
        4. Girls Varsity Track
      9. Who won the Superbowl our Senior year?
        1. The Cowboys
        2. The Giants
        3. The Redskins
        4. The Steelers
      10. Who played "The Pretty Little School Girl" in the Jr. Follies?
        1. Kim Collett
        2. Cindy Funk
        3. Dawn Stalbird
        4. Jania Jones
      11. Which 2 were Co-Valedictorians at graduation?
        1. Mary Lou Lillard and Carolyn Heishman
        2. Monica Polk and Meg Wright
        3. Liz Conner and Pam Coffman
        4. Donna Weaver and Betsy May
      12. Who was President of the SCA our Senior year?
        1. Cindy Coffman
        2. Kim Collett
        3. Mary Watson
        4. Sheryl Stultz
      13. Who played The Boss in the Senior play, Happy Haunting?
        1. Keith Lundblad
        2. David Brock
        3. John Laughlin
        4. Terrell Munson
      Tags: education , friends

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