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      John went to Italy last month and ...
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      • it's been very hot!

      • it was very hot!

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      1. John went to Italy last month and ...
        1. it's been very hot!
        2. it was very hot!
      2. I am a doctor.
        1. How long are you a doctor?
        2. How long have you been a doctor?
      3. Which sentence means that he is STILL working for IBM?
        1. He's worked for IBM.
        2. He's been working for IBM.
      4. I have a Macbook.
        1. How long have you had it?
        2. How long do you have it?
      5. Which sentence implies that Fred is no longer wearing a sling?
        1. He broke his arm.
        2. He's broken his arm.
      6. I can't find my bag!
        1. Have you seen it?
        2. Did you see it?
      7. You miss Mary. You ask one of her friends:
        1. Have you seen Mary lately?
        2. Did you see Mary lately?
      8. The Chinese ...
        1. invented printing.
        2. have invented printing.
      9. Which sentence means that Peter is STILL looking for a job?
        1. Peter has been looking for a job.
        2. Peter has looked for a job.
      10. I've just returned from Africa.
        1. I came back a very short time ago.
        2. I came back some time ago.
        3. I came back quite a long time ago.
      11. Which sentence means that Joe isn't living in NY anymore?
        1. I've lived in NY.
        2. I've been living in NY.
      12. William is shattered!
        1. He didn't have a vacation for ages!
        2. He hasn't had a vacation for ages!
      13. They met when they were kids.
        1. They know each other for a long time.
        2. They've known each other for a long time.
      14. Tom is looking for his key. He can't find it.
        1. He lost his key.
        2. He has lost his key.
      15. Mark is really happy.
        1. He's just bought his new iPhone.
        2. He just bought his new iPhone.
      16. This is the first time...
        1. I travelled abroad.
        2. I have travelled abroad.
      17. Shakespeare ....
        1. wrote many plays.
        2. has written many plays.
      18. Which person is still alive?
        1. Harry Kevinson wrote many important books.
        2. Larry Macbride has written many important books.
      19. What is Mike like?
        1. No idea. I've never met him.
        2. No idea. I never met him.
      20. Which sentence means that they are no longer married?
        1. They've been married for 20 years.
        2. They were married for 20 years.
      21. They put this statue in the park 50 years ago.
        1. It has been in the park for 50 years.
        2. It was in the park for 50 years.
      22. Rod wears glasses.
        1. He's been wearing glasses since he was 17.
        2. He started wearing glasses since he was 17.
      23. Brenda's been a photographer for ten years.
        1. She has started taking pictures ten years ago.
        2. She started taking pictures ten years ago.
      24. I started reading a very interesting book last week.
        1. I have read ten chapters so far.
        2. I read ten chapters so far.
      25. Which sentence implies that Ken is still unemployed?
        1. Ken's lost his job.
        2. Ken lost his job.
      26. I have a Macbook.
        1. How long ago did you buy it?
        2. How long ago have you bought it?
      27. You ask a friend:
        1. Have you seen the film Departures?
        2. Did you see the film Departures?
      28. I rented four films last weekend but
        1. I haven't returned them yet.
        2. I didn't return them yet.
      29. You think you know that man. You come to him and ask:
        1. Excuse me, didn't we meet before?
        2. Excuse me, haven't we met before?
      30. When I was younger,
        1. I travelled quite often.
        2. I've travelled quite often.
      31. Harry is wearing a sling because
        1. He's hurt his arm.
        2. He hurt his arm.
      32. Which sentence means that they STILL have a dog?
        1. They had this dog for ten years.
        2. They have had this dog for ten years.
      33. Be careful!
        1. The floor was just washed.
        2. The floor has just been washed,
      34. Somebody has spilt coffee on the carpet.
        1. The carpet is still dirty.
        2. The carpet has been cleaned.
      35. Which sentence implies that George doesn't have his pen NOW?
        1. George lost his pen.
        2. George's lost his pen.
      36. Which sentence is correct?
        1. Has James already bought his new laptop?
        2. Has James bought his new laptop yet?
        3. Has James ever bought his new laptop yet?
      37. • "Where's your key?" "I don't know. I've lost it."
        1. He hasn't got it now.
        2. He has got it now.
      38. Which sentence is correct?
        1. Did you go to Scotland yet?
        2. Have you been to Scotland yet?
      39. You've been to New York!!!
        1. How did you like it?
        2. How have you liked it?
      40. Your friend asks you:
        1. When have you been to Paris?
        2. When did you go to Paris?
      Tags: education

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