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      Why Invest in Israel 2010 on QuizRevolution

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      Newest Quiz: Why Invest in Israel 2010

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      Why Invest in Israel 2010
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      Why Invest in Israel 2010
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      Which country has been nicknamed the "start-up nation"?
       of players answered correctly.
      • India

      • Korea

      • China

      • Israel

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      1. Which country has been nicknamed the "start-up nation"?
        1. India
        2. Korea
        3. China
        4. Israel


      2. What percentage of Israelis between the ages of 25-64 have university degrees?
        1. 17%
        2. 70%
        3. 40%
        4. 12%
        1. Israelis business used to be characterized mainly by brilliant technologies looking for a problem to solve.  No longer.  With MBA programs in Israel growing and more and more Israelis seeking training abroad, Israel management is seeing a tremendous upgrade even in non-army qualifications, experience, and training.  Kellogg School of Management has been running a successful EMBA program in Israel for years (see here). We’re also seeing more and more Israelis go abroad for their studies.

          Globes has an article about this phenomenon. 

      3. Which country has the most per capita start up ventures in the world?
        1. USA
        2. UK
        3. Israel
        4. China
        1. “If there is one story that has been largely missed despite the extensive media coverage of Israel, it is that key economic metrics demonstrate that Israel represents the greatest concentration of innovation and entrepreneurship in the world today.” SOURCE

      4. Which country, other than the USA, has the most companies traded on NASDAQ?
        1. UK
        2. Israel
        3. Canada
        4. Mexico

      5. Which company developed voice mail technology?
        1. "Efrat", Israel
        2. "Elbit", Israel
        3. Siemens, Germany
        4. LG, Japan
        1. In 2008, per capita venture capital investments in Israel were 2.5 times greater than in the United States, more than 30 times greater than in Europe, 80 times greater than in China, and 350 times greater than in India. Comparing absolute numbers, Israel—a country of just 7.1 million people—attracted close to $2 billion in venture capital, as much as flowed to the United Kingdom’s 61 million citizens or to the 145 million people living in Germany and France combined.

          Start-Up Nation authors also point out that the Israeli economy keeps on growing, despite the ongoing conflict and frequent violence in the region. They write: During the six years following 2000, Israel was hit not just by the bursting of the global tech bubble but by the most intense period of terrorist attacks in its history and by the second Lebanon war. Yet Israel’s share of the global venture capital market did not drop—it doubled, from 15 percent to 31 percent. And the Tel Aviv stock exchange was higher on the last day of the Lebanon war than on the first, as it was after the three-week military -operation in the Gaza Strip in 2009.

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