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      Ch 18 Solids Quiz on QuizRevolution

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      LisaPeck224 Quiz Channel

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      Quizzes Created: 9

      Total Views: 79,308

      Newest Quiz: Ch 27/28 Light & Color

      I teach 9th grade Conceptual Physics using the Paul Hewitt book. He gave me permission to use his images for my website and these quizzes.

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      Ch 18 Solids Quiz
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      Scientists use ___ to observe crystalline structures of solids.
       of players answered correctly.
      • x-rays

      • cat scans

      • light waves

      • sonograms

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      1. Scientists use ___ to observe crystalline structures of solids.
        1. x-rays
        2. cat scans
        3. light waves
        4. sonograms
      2. A 2 kg mass stretches a spring 3 cm. What is its stretch while supporting 4 kg.
        1. 3 cm
        2. 6 cm
        3. 9 cm
        4. 12 cm
      3. If the volume of a substance is doubled & the mass kept constant then the density _.
        1. is halved
        2. is doubled
        3. is squared
        4. is cubed
      4. density of an object does not change if the object is broken into smaller pieces
        1. true
        2. false
      5. A piece of wood is broken into 2 pieces. Each piece has __density compared to the whole
        1. a higher
        2. a lower
        3. the same
        4. not enough info to say
      6. a characteristic of matter: different for each phase of the same substance
        1. density
        2. mass
        3. specific heat capacity
        4. melting point
      7. A property of a substance equal to its mass per volume is called ___.
        1. elasticty
        2. density
        3. stretch
        4. area
      8. The state of matter in which atoms & molecules vibrate about a fixed position is ___.
        1. solid
        2. liquid
        3. gas
        4. plasma
      9. The amount of matter is _.
        1. density
        2. mass
        3. volume
        4. area
      10. Crystal’s component particles are arranged in a(n) ___ pattern.
        1. three-dimensional
        2. orderly
        3. repeating
        4. all of the choices
      11. The amount of space matter occupies is __.
        1. density
        2. mass
        3. volume
        4. area
      12. The property of matter changes with the application of heat is called ___.
        1. melting point
        2. density
        3. mass
        4. freezing point
      13. Which has more density, 1 kg of water or 10 kg of water?
        1. 1 kg
        2. 10 kg
        3. both have the same density
      14. amorphous shaped solids have molecules that are placed randomly
        1. true
        2. false
      15. If you increase the volume of a substance the density __.
        1. remains the same
        2. increases
        3. decreases
      16. A force of 2 N stretches a spring 4 cm, how much stretch will occur for a force of 3 N?
        1. 6 cm
        2. 5 cm
        3. 60 cm
        4. 8 cm
      17. The distance of stretching beyond which an elastic material won't return to original shape
        1. elastic distance
        2. inelastic distance
        3. elastic limit
        4. inelastic limi
      18. density of material can change with temperature
        1. true
        2. false
      19. density is a measure of how tightly the material is packed together
        1. true
        2. false
      20. If the mass of a substance is doubled & the volume kept constant then the density _.
        1. is halved
        2. is doubled
        3. is squared
        4. is cubed
      21. density is determined by BOTH masses of atoms and the spacing between atoms
        1. true
        2. false
      22. A material that doesn't return to its original shape after it has been stretched
        1. elastic limit
        2. inelastic
        3. elastic
        4. solid
      23. A block of iron is heated in a furnace, where it consequently expands. Now its density
        1. is less than before being heated
        2. is greater than before being heated
        3. is the same as before being heated
        4. not enough info to say
      24. Anything that has mass, volume, and shape.
        1. substance
        2. compound
        3. matter
        4. material
      25. Solids __.
        1. are uniform
        2. have a definite shape
        3. have a definite volume
        4. all of the choices
      26. It is best to drill a hole in a horizontal tree limb __ to weaken the branch the least
        1. near the top
        2. through the center
        3. near the bottom
      27. Hooke’s law states the distance of stretch is _ proportional to the applied force
        1. not
        2. directly
        3. indirectly
      28. A material that does return to its original shape after it has been stretched
        1. elastic limit
        2. inelastic
        3. elastic
        4. solid
      29. All crystalline solids have ___ x-ray patterns.
        1. the same
        2. similar
        3. different
        4. no
      30. Which has more density, a loaf of bread or the same loaf that has been squeezed
        1. the untouched loaf of bread
        2. the squeezed loaf of bread
        3. they have the same density
      Tags: education , science

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