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      Can't Stop The Serenity!
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      Can't Stop The Serenity!
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      What is the company logo on the gun that Mal is seen manning in the opening flashback of the pilot episode ''Serenity'' .
       of players answered correctly.
      • Smith and Weson

      • Mattel

      • Blue Son

      • Weyland-Yutani

      • Cartel and Wellrite

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      1. What is the company logo on the gun that Mal is seen manning in the opening flashback of the pilot episode ''Serenity'' .
        1. Smith and Weson
        2. Mattel
        3. Blue Son
        4. Weyland-Yutani
        5. Cartel and Wellrite
        1. Weyland Yutani is the Company from the Alien movies, and is also, like the Alliance, a Sino-American operation.
      2. Define ''Suo-shee''
        1. 683181
        1. The answer was &quot;petty&quot; the end of ther dialog is: Mal: ''That's Chinese for petty.''
      3. Which 2 of the following was not said by wash in the series?
        1. B. Can I make a suggestion that doesn't involve violence, or is this the wrong crowd?
        2. A. You know, it's very sweet -- stealing from the rich and selling to the poor
        3. C. Just means I'm going down too quick. Likely crash and kill us all
        4. D.This must be what going mad feels like
        1. B Was said by Wash, but in the Movie; D is Simon's shiny line
      4. Before this there was a conversation by Cortex. Who was involved? (2 answers required)
        1. Mal
        2. Book
        3. Zoe
        4. Inara
        5. Mr. Universe
      5. What precious antique gun from 'earth that was' did the crew steal, with Safron's help?
        1. 683398
        1. It was called the Lassiter
      6. Does Jayne play the guitar?
        1. TRUE
        2. FALSE
        1. While the crew visits with Shephard Book, Jayne is seen playing a guitar by the fire. The crew is seeking refuge from the Alliance and visiting with an old friend and crew member, Shephard Book.
      7. Who played Wash in Firefly
        1. Adam Baldwin
        2. Clint Eastwood
        3. Nicholas Brendon
        4. Alan Tudyk
        5. Adam Brody
      8. Name the Epidsode: Mal: It may have become apparent to you that the ship could use a medic. You ain't weak.
        1. Train Job
        2. Bushwacked
        3. Serenity
        4. Heart of Gold
        5. Trash
        1. Name the Epidsode: Mal: It may have become apparent to you that the ship could use a medic. You ain't weak. I don't know how bright you are, top three percent, but you ain't weak and that's not nothing. You live by my rule, you keep your sister from doing anything crazy, you could maybe find a place here. 'Till you find a better. Simon: I'm trying to put this as delicately as I can... How do I know you won't kill me in my sleep? Mal: You don't know me, son. So let me explain this to you once: If I ever kill you, you'll be awake, you'll be facing me, and you'll be armed. Simon: Are you always this sentimental? Mal: Had a good day.
      9. The Tiger asks-- Here is Jayne's most quoted line, where's it from?
        1. 683876
        1. The Tiger was in a mood to terrorize unsuspecting visitors. We&#39;ve been absent, out in the black, you might say. But, we&#39;ve been watching you build and play the show. You are SO SHINY! except for one thing, you&#39;re too shy! You&#39;ve been adding questions, and coming over and over to play, but you havn&#39;t registered!You Browncoats are tigeriffic, but if we don&#39;t know who you are, no one gets the swag, andamp; we&#39;ve got firefly T-shirts to give away! So, come on, the tiger needs love.
      10. We all know Ron Glass is a great character actor. Which of these is NOT a Ron Glass credit?
        1. Mr. Creighton (Deal of a Lifetime)
        2. Det. Harris (Barney Miller)
        3. Dr. Lazemby (Recess: School's Out)
        4. Lt. Cairn (The Big Red One)
        5. Quintus (The Crazy World of Julius Vrooder)
        1. There is no such character as Lt. Cairn in ''The Big Red One'' so Ron Glass couldn't have played him. Sneeky, arn't I. Give ut your best shot, bet you can stump me. ' Been done, but anonymous can't win the prize....
      11. Animals were carried aboard Serenity once in the series. What were they?
        1. 684160
        1. From Safe, of course &amp; her's a bonus Quote; River: (to Simon) I remember everything, and some of it's made up and some of it can't be quantified but I understand. You gave up everything you had to find me, you found me broken. It's hard for you.
      12. Director's Cut: Joss Whedon has been nominated and won awards for his writing. One of these is NOT a real award credit.
        1. Nominated for Oscar for the movie Toy Story.
        2. Nominated for Oscar for the movie Serenity.
        3. Nominated for Bram Stoker Award for the episode Hush of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
        4. Nominated for an Anniefor the song "My Lullaby" from Lion King II: Simba's Pride.
        5. Won an Annie for the movie Toy Story.
        1. Yea! We all know he should have won. but the goram Academy (wonder if that's a clue) didn't have the class to nominate him!
      13. When originally aired in the U.S. the two-hour "pilot" 'Serenity' was actually aired....
        1. First, like a pilot
        2. Second
        3. Mid-way
        4. Never Aired
        5. Last
        1. Sadly... yes it was aired last. Now how do you expect regular watchers when it's not even aired in order? Imagine watching firefly without the pilot and not learning about the characters?
      14. In "Shindig", who does Inara accompany to the ball, who later duels Mal?
        1. Durran Haymer
        2. Warrick Harrow
        3. Atherton Wing
        4. Fess Higgens
        5. Adelei Niska
        1. The one an only Atherton Wing was the person that hired Inara to be his companion to the ball. &quot;Ath. Can I call you Ath?&quot; - Mal
      15. In "Ariel", Simon teaches Mal, Zoe, and Jayne descriptions of how the bodies "died". What line did Jayne have?
        1. We tried pulmonary stimulators and cardiac infusors
        2. Patients were cyanotic and not responsive
        3. We applied cordical electrodes but were unable to get a neural response
        4. Several attempts of stimulators were used but no response
        5. Pupils were fixed and dilated
        1. The line that Jayne kept screwing up and in the end... used it when not required.
      16. What number was Mal's Independent Brigade?
        1. 36th
        2. 57th
        3. 65th
        4. 75th
        5. 85th
        1. Mal is described as having commanded at least 2000 men. On-screen information in Serenity shows him to have been attached to the 57th Overlanders Brigade; in the series pilot, Badger calls it the &quot;Balls and Bayonets Brigade&quot;
      17. Who Said, "We meddle."
        1. River
        2. Mal
        3. The Teacher
        4. The Operative
        5. Simon
        1. River says this during the opening sequence. Teacher is doing a narration about how the universe came to be, and about the war between the Alliance and the Independents. The Alliance represents the government and the Independents represent the people's revolt. The Alliance is said to offer civilization to all the people of the universe. During her narration, a student asks if the Alliance is so good then why did the people resist them. A young River then replies, &quot;we meddle&quot;.
      18. At the end of Ariel, what does Jayne ask in the air lock when Mal starts walking away from him.
        1. What are you gonna tell the others?
        2. What do you think you are doing?
        3. Where did you get that?
        4. What the.....?
        5. Did you think I wouldn't find out?
      19. What does the '03 model Firefly transport ship have that earlier models did not?
        1. twin engines
        2. artificial gravity
        3. retractable landing legs
        4. extenders for the engine nacelles
        5. a forward-mounted cargo bay door
        1. &quot;Not an ought-three though, didn't have the extenders, tended to shake&quot; - Book in reply to Kaylee's question &quot;Ever been on a Firefly?&quot;
      20. Mal was born on which moon or planet?
        1. Whitefall
        2. Beaumond
        3. Shadow
        4. Athens
        5. Hera
        1. &quot;My momma had a ranch, back on Shadow, where I'm from&quot; - to Saffron in OMR
      21. Which Firefly/Serenity actor played the "wrong" Private Ryan in Spielberg's film?
        1. Nathan Fillion
        2. Mark Sheppard
        3. Alan Tudyk
        4. Jonathan Woodward
        5. Michael Hitchcock
        1. Yep, Cap'n Tightpants hisself - check it out the next time you're in the video store, he's great.
      22. What is a Griswald?
        1. A class of spaceship
        2. A slang term for a foul-up
        3. A type of apple
        4. A type of grenade
        5. A difficult situation
        1. Remember the apples at Xmas story Zoe told in War Stories?
      23. What disease is common in the town of Paradiso?
        1. Damplung
        2. Cholera
        3. Bowden's Malady
        4. Pleurisy
        5. Hemorraghic Fever
        1. Affliction of the bone and muscle. Degenerative. (Zoe) Also fictional.
      24. Which 2 of the following are not an alias used by Mrs Reynolds?
        1. Saffron
        2. Miranda
        3. Yolanda
        4. Bridget
        5. Nandi
        1. The abbreviation "YoSaffBridge" should have given you some help here.

      25. What is Kaylee's opinion of the Capissen 38 rocket engine?
        1. Excellent value for money
        2. Too expensive
        3. Highly reliable
        4. Turns ships into death-traps
        5. Easy to maintain
        1. &quot;Don't fly in anything with a Capissen 38 engine, they fall right out of the sky&quot;. (BDM)
      26. Who sings the theme song for "Firefly"?
        1. Adam Baldwin
        2. Billy Gibbons
        3. Sonny Rhodes
        4. Waylon Jennings
        5. Willie Nelson
        1. And doesn't he do a good job!
      27. What is Kaylee's middle name?
        1. Winnette
        2. Lee
        3. She doesn't have one
        4. Winnet
        5. Frye
        1. &quot;Captain malcolm Reynolds and Miss Kaywinnet Lee Frye&quot; (announcement at the ball in Shindig)
      28. Day - a vestigial mode of time measurement based on what?
        1. 685389
        1. Day is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles. It's not applicable. I didn't get you anything. (River's excuse for her lack of a present at her brother's birthday party)
      29. Which statement below was not made by Jayne?
        1. I was gonna get me an ear.
        2. Do a lot of shooting at the abbey there, Shepard?
        3. That's why I never kiss 'em on the mouth
        4. Here's a little concept I been workin' on. Why don't we shoo
        5. You guys always bring me the very best violence.
        1. That was of course Mr Universe in the BDM.
      30. What ship's position as originally envisaged by Mal was never filled?
        1. Pursor
        2. Steward
        3. Cook
        4. Gunner
        5. Armourer
        1. In &quot;Out of Gas&quot; Mal lists &quot;Cook&quot; as one of the people they should hire.
      31. In the Easter Egg on the Boxed Set DVD of the TV series which song is sung?
        1. Ballad of Firefly
        2. Ballad of Joss
        3. Ballad of Serenity
        4. The Hero of Canton
        5. Out of the Blue and into the Black
      32. In which episode does River find an Ice Planet problematic?
        1. Serenity - the pilot
        2. Serenity - the Movie
        3. The Message
        4. War Stories
        5. Heart of Gold
      33. Who played The Operative?
        1. Rafael Feldman
        2. Richard Brooks
        3. Chewetel Ejiofor
        4. Mark Sheppard
        5. Michael Fairman
      34. Who killed Early?
        1. River
        2. Simon
        3. Mal
        4. Zoe
        5. Wash
      35. Which of the guns below have not been shown to be used by Jayne? (2 answers required)
        1. Callahan full-bore auto lock
        2. LeMat Percussion Revolver
        3. Heckler & Kock MP5
        4. Kalashnikov AK47
        5. Colt Python
        1. In what episode did Mal say "I'm thinking we'll rise again."?
          1. Trash
          2. The Message
          3. Out of Gas
          4. The Train Job
          5. Safe
        2. He robbed from the rich & he gave to the poor, stood up to the man and he...
          1. robbed him so poor
          2. slammed the darn door
          3. wiped with him the floor
          4. gave him what for
          5. made love to a whore
          1. Our love for him now aint hard to explain, the Hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne
        3. The line "Cunning, don't you think?" appears in
          1. Shindig
          2. The Message
          3. Safe
          4. Bushwhacked
          5. Heart of Gold
        4. The line "I once hit a man in the neck at 500 yards with a bent scope" appears in
          1. Serenity (pilot)
          2. War Stories
          3. The Message
          4. Objects in Space
          5. Serenity (movie)
        5. The line "He looked bigger when I couldn't see him" appears in
          1. Trash
          2. Serenity (pilot)
          3. Out of Gas
          4. Bushwhacked
          5. The Train Job
        6. The line "That's all anyone ever does - play parts" appears in
          1. Ariel
          2. Safe
          3. Trash
          4. Our Mrs Reynolds
          5. Bushwhacked
        7. The line "Jonah, say Hi to your Daddy" appears in
          1. Trash
          2. Safe
          3. Heart of Gold
          4. The Message
          5. Ariel
        8. Who said "can I use 'Companion' as a verb?"
          1. Wash
          2. Mal
          3. River
          4. Zoe
          5. Jayne
        9. Who said "Don't be excluding people, that'd be rude"?
          1. Jayne
          2. Wash
          3. Zoe
          4. Mal
          5. Book
        10. In which episodes does Badger appear?
          1. Serenity (pilot)
          2. Serenity (movie)
          3. Shindig
          4. Trash
          5. War Stories
        11. According to Mal, why wasn't Zoe wearing the dress?
          1. Surprise.
          2. Strategy.
          3. Tactics.
          4. Too dangerous.
          5. She refused.
        12. In which episode does Wash say "We always hoped you two guys would get together."?
          1. Trash
          2. Our Mrs Reynolds
          3. Jaynestown
          4. Serenity (pilot)
          5. Safe
        13. In which episode does Book theaten Mal with a "special kind of Hell"?
          1. Jaynestown
          2. Safe
          3. Out of Gas
          4. Our Mrs Reynolds
          5. Objects in Space
        14. In which episode does River throw up on Simon's bed?
          1. Out of Gas
          2. War Stories
          3. Ariel
          4. Objects in Space
          5. Jaynestown
        15. In which episode does Mal compare Kaylee to a sheep walking on its hind legs?
          1. Shindig
          2. Safe
          3. Ariel
          4. Heart of Gold
          5. Trash
        16. Which of the following is never involved in a fight with YoSaffBridge?
          1. River
          2. Mal
          3. Wash
          4. Inara
          5. Zoe
        17. Who played YoSaffBridge?
          1. Rebecca Gayheart
          2. Christina Hendricks
          3. Melinda Clarke
          4. Kimberly McCullough
          5. Angie Hart
        18. Who wears a flamingo-shaped lapel badge?
          1. Fanty
          2. Mingo
          3. Badger
          4. Mr Universe
          5. The barker selling alien lifeform viewings
          1. In &quot;Shindig&quot;.
        19. What villain Mal thought dead reappears in the story "Those Left Behind?"
          1. Jubal Early
          2. Laurence Dobson
          3. Adelai Niska
          4. Fanty
          5. Mingo
        20. What type of people should you not suffer to live (from Safe)?
          1. Witches
          2. Warlocks
          3. Bad people
          4. Murderers
          5. Tyranical Leaders
        21. What is the name of the planet with floating islands in "Trash"?
          1. Beaumond
          2. Persephone
          3. Londinium
          4. Bellerophon
          5. Osiris
          1. See for a full list of planets and moons.
        22. What is the 'class code' for Firefly-class "Serenity"?
          1. 03-J87
          2. 03-K34
          3. 03-B76
          4. 03-K64
          5. 03-A64
          1. From 'The Train Job': River &quot;Standard radion accelerator core, class code 03-K64, Firefly&quot;
        23. Which podcaster "spoiled" the Serenity movie by saying "Wash dies" before it was released?
          1. Joe Murphy
          2. Michael R. Mennenga
          3. Les Howard
          4. Kevin Bachelder
          5. Evo Terra
          1. As if Les or Kevin would do anything like that! As a side note, I'd just like to say &quot;We miss you Joe. Rest in peace.&quot;
        24. Which of the following villains did Mal shoot & kill?
          1. Patience
          2. YoSaffBridge
          3. Dobson
          4. Niska
          5. The Operative
          1. The Operative, Patience and YoSaffBridge he let go, Niska got away and Dobson he did indeed shoot - but see the graphic novel &quot;Those Left Behind&quot; for a sequel to the Dobson story.
        25. What is the name of the "unfilmed Firefly script" that can be found on the internet?
          1. Persephone
          2. One By One
          3. Dead Or Alive
          4. The Question
          5. Those Left Behind
          1. &quot;Those Left Behind&quot; was the name of the story in the comics that were released, set between the end of 'Firefly' and the events of 'Serenity'.
        26. Which cast member appeared in "Buffy" after "Firefly" was cancelled?
          1. Jewel Staite
          2. Nathan Fillion
          3. Ron Glass
          4. Alan Tudyk
          5. Adam Baldwin
          1. It was our Captain! If I remember correctly, he played a very evil priest called Caleb...
        27. In the BDM, what is Mal carrying as he boards the shuttle after escaping with Inara?
          1. His pistol
          2. Serenity's pulse beacon
          3. Inara's shoe
          4. Dummy grenade
          5. The Lassiter
          1. This is a bit of a trick question, as you'll only know that it's a dummy grenade if you have watched the deletes scenes...
        28. Who played the bounty hunter Jubal Early in "Objects In Space"?
          1. Lawrence Fishbourne
          2. Richard Brooks
          3. Samuel L Jackson
          4. Chiwetel Ejiofor
          5. Djimon Hounsou
          1. And what an excellently crazy bounty hunter he made!
        29. How many commentary tracks does Joss take part in on the Firefly DVDs?
          1. 1
          2. 2
          3. 3
          4. 4
          5. 5
          1. And they are for the following episodes: &quot;Serenity&quot; (with Nathan Fillion); &quot;The Train Job&quot; (with Tim Minear) and &quot;Objects In Space&quot; (a solo commentary)
        30. What was the name of the fan-made documentary about the making of "Serenity"?
          1. A Leaf On The Wind
          2. Here's How It Was
          3. Serenity: A Day In The 'Verse
          4. Too Damn Pretty
          5. Done The Impossible
          1. Quite possibly the most amazing fan-made film ever! And the DVD special features are done better than ANY movie DVD I've seen! Get the DVD (and the soundtrack CD) at
        31. Chronologically, which (future) crewmember do Mal and Zoe meet first?
          1. Jayne
          2. Inara
          3. Kaylee
          4. Wash
          5. Book
          1. In flashbacks in &quot;Out Of Gas&quot;, we learn that they meet Wash first, closely followed (unexpectedly) by Kaylee. Not sure if Inara or Jayne come next...
        32. Who asks Mal for money to buy a slinky dress?
          1. Kaylee
          2. River
          3. Inara
          4. Wash
          5. Simon
          1. &quot;You want a slinky dress? I can buy you a slinky dress. Captain, can I have money for a slinky dress?&quot; ~Shindig
        33. What's the name of the battlefield where Dobson hopes to trap Mal?
          1. Battle of Sturges
          2. Battle of Serenity Valley
          3. Battle of New Kasmir
          4. Battle of Hera
          5. Battle of the Skyplex
        34. Jaynes favorite weapon is a Callahan full bore autolock which he calls
          1. 0
        35. What is the name of the little mute girl whose thoughts River reads?
          1. 0
          1. In the episode &quot;Safe&quot; River reads Ruby's thoughts to find out why her &quot;voice got scared away.&quot; We find out the little girl's mother went crazy 2 years prior, killed Ruby's sister, and tried to kill Ruby herself.
        36. Who did Kaylee canoodle with that brougth her mechanical skills to Mal's attention?
          1. Jayne
          2. Simon
          3. Badger
          4. Bester
          5. Derriel
          1. Bester was Serenity's original engine mechanic, portrayed by Dax Griffin. At some point before the events of Firefly (as shown in a flashback in "Out of Gas"), Malcolm Reynolds caught him having sex with a local girl, soon identified as Kaylee Frye, in the engine room. Mal demands to know what's taking Bester so long to fix the engine, and Kaylee then demonstrates that she has more knowledge of ship engine workings than Bester, whom Mal immediately fires in favor of Kaylee. (wikipedia)
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