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      Live Real Success!
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      Whatever you think about, whether it's good or bad, you attract into your life.
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      1. Whatever you think about, whether it's good or bad, you attract into your life.
        1. True
        2. False
        1. It's SO REAL that your thoughts creat your reality! Think about something whether you WANT or DON'T WANT it and you attract it into your life. Think about getting out of debt and no surprise, you get MORE debt. Worry about illness, and you open yourself to all manner of disease. However, apply your thoughts to, health, spiritual growth, and all your material needs met, then you will attract those things into your reality. Learn to Realize your potential SO REAL Success Blog

      2. The Law of Attraction says when I remember an upsetting experience from the past I should:
        1. Run for the gallon of ice cream in the freezer
        2. I think: that's in past; I have more great experiences
        3. Continue to dwell on the experience over and over again
        1. That's right! We are the Masters of our imagination!

          What we choose to imagine IS SO REAL that we can taste the birhday cake, Feel the ocean spray, or experience the smell and feel of the brand new car.


      3. Can Law of Attraction be used to attract a specific person into our lives?
        1. YES
        2. NO
        3. MAYBE
        1. Just like attracting a truly unique Butterfly, that we can imagine, the Universe will deliver whoever resonates with our Thoughts and feelings. If the someones's field of energy is not compatible with our feelings, then the universe cannot ''force'' that person, nor is that yout real intention, anyway.

      4. What is the very first step to getting what you want in life?
        1. Learning to meditate
        2. Making an intention board
        3. Watch "The Secret" movie
        4. Decide what you REALLY want
        1. You can't use the Law of Attraction until the future you desire becomes SO REAL for you that you can make it yours. when you decide exactly what you want, you can then pick and choose between any or all techniques that invoke the Law of Attraction. SO REAL Success

      5. How do we invoke the Law of Attraction?
        1. Feeling Good about what you have, now
        2. Deciding what you really want
        3. Be Enspired & Take Action
        4. All of these!
        1. Yes! All these are techniques, and a lot more.

          Come to the So Real Success Blog, to learn to achieve more success then you ever imagined possible!

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