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      Battlestar Galactica Crossroad on QuizRevolution

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      Battlestar Galactica Crossroad
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      Battlestar Galactica Crossroad
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      With release of two-hour episode ''Razor''nearing, are you ready for the challenge?
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      1. With release of two-hour episode ''Razor''nearing, are you ready for the challenge?
        1. Yea! Bring it on!
        2. No, I'm a Frackin weenie
        1. So Onward to the the season 3 finale....and then...The stars the limit
      2. In Roslin's visions; she sees Hera running, chased by Sharon. Where?
        1. New Caprica
        2. In the corridors of the galactica
        3. The Kobol Opera House
        4. In an unknown forest
        5. She had no such vision
        1. This Kind of set the stage for her courtroom admission of the return of her cancer, and taking Halucinagen Kamala root.
      3. What was revealed in the last five minutes of season 3?
        1. A. Tigh, Anders, Tori, and Tyrol are Cylons.
        2. B. Tigh, Kat, Anders, Tori are Cylons.
        3. C. President Roslin is again using hallucinogen Kamala root
        4. D. Tigh, Starbuck Tori, and Tyrol are Cylons.
        5. E. Ron Moore is a sadist for making us wait so long!
        1. Although we may agree with E we meant in the show. BTW, after we showed the vid, tiger expects anyone who answered wrong to report to the nearest airlock and space himself in shame.
      4. This is Earth, as it appeared in the last scene of Season 3. When is it? what's it like?
        1. It's our earth, now, and there going to find us.
        2. It's to early to tell, and Ron Moore's not telling.
        3. It's our earth give or take 10,000 years, there is Life.
        4. The Earth pictured is at least 1,000,000 years in the past.
        5. The Earth pictured is 90,000 in the future, with no humans.
        1. No lmage can explain this, Here goes. 3 is correct. Even though you can see that this is a construct, North and south america are where we expect them to be. We are, apparently looking at a warmer earth (no ice, much greener), with a different technology (No Roads mining scars, or urbanization). Remember, this is my game;we play White Tiger rules. But if I'm wrong, remind me after Feb '08, and I'll apologize (o;
      5. A Quotation to cool things down:
        1. For the fame
        2. He deserves a defense
        3. I like a challenge
        4. The glory
        5. To sell the film rights
      6. Only one actor had a role in the classic BSG and now in the re-imagined series. Who?
        1. 684518
        1. Richard Hatch played Apollo in the original andamp; Tom Zarek in the re-imagined series.
      7. Which two characters are natives of Aerilon?
        1. Gaius Baltar and Felix Gaeta
        2. Galen Tyrol and Sharon Valerii
        3. Gaius Baltar and Sharon Valerii
        4. Kara Thrace and Felix Gaeta
        5. Noel Allison and Saul Tigh
        1. Yea, Baltar fooled me, too.
      8. Name the battlestar aboard which Saul Tigh served at the conclusion of the Cylon War.
        1. Athena
        2. Caprica
        3. Enterprise
        4. Galactica
        5. Aeolus
        1. WOW! that's what Adama said, but there seems to be some confusion because elsewhere, we are told that 12 battlestars were built one for each of the 12 colonies, and that Galactica was Caprica's. Maybe they go by 2 names, maybe there were more than 12 with Caprica, the center of government having two, maybe the writers goofed. I'll stick with what Adama said, he should know.
      9. If we believe the First Hybrid; who is the harbinger of the apocalypse?
        1. WARNING! SPOILER ALERT, IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN RAZOR YOU COULD NOT ANSWER THIS QUESTION, SO YOU'RE FINE. BUT THE SPOILER'S HERE, TOO, SO GO FIND RAZOR, WATCH IT AND COME BACK! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. This was the big news in Razor, that apparently defines the future, as well as the past. Did anyone else notice that the earliest hybrid model was far more lucid than the one we saw in season three?
      10. Where did the name for the Cylon character Gina originate?
        1. Named after Ron Moore's daughter
        2. Named after the actors real name
        3. Named after "Galactica in name only" protest group
        4. Stands for "Galactica Into a New Age"
      11. Who suggests "Athena" be Sharon's new call sign?
        1. Hot Dog
        2. Apollo
        3. Admiral Adama
        4. Helo
        5. Sharon herself
        1. Hot Dog, the amiable &quot;Everyman&quot; character who has risen from obscurity to proinence amongst the Viper jocks, chcuks it out as a suggestion after one of the other jocks erroneously calls Sharon &quot;Boomer&quot; and she says &quot;that was someone else.&quot;
      12. Before switching to "Colonial One," what was the ship's name?
        1. 699139
      13. What was the call sign of Boomer's new ECO, the one who replaced Helo?
        1. Racetrack
        2. Hammerhead
        3. Two Times
        4. Chuckles
        5. Crashdown
      14. Which of the following characters hasNOT kiled a Sharon model?
        1. Helo
        2. Sharon herself
        3. Caprica Six
        4. Kat
        5. Calley
        1. Helo kills his own wife in order for her to download onto a basestar in &quot;Rapture.&quot; Sharon kills another Sharon on Caprica, Six snaps Boomer&#39;s neck in &quot;Rapture.&quot; Calley offs Boomer as retribution for shooting Commander Adama. Kat was never seen killing a Sharon, though admittedly it may have happened.
      15. How long does Baltar predict it will take to scan every colonist with his Cylon detector?
        1. 0
      16. Who died that Apollo (Lee Adama) loved? (2 answers required)
        1. Starbuck (Kara Thrace)
        2. Zach Adama
        3. Bill Adama
        4. Sharon
        5. D
        1. What is the name of the cylon raider which Starbuck and Kat destroyed together
          1. 0
        2. Who is Bill Adama's youngest son?
          1. Apollo
          2. Zach Adama
          3. Tigh
          4. Baltar
          5. Cheif
          1. Zach adama was Bill adama's son but he was killed due to a mistake made by starbuck
        3. What did the people on new caprica select chief as?
          1. Their leader
          2. A member of the new caprica police
          3. The leader of the new caprica waorkers union
          4. Head machanic
          5. An assasin to kil Gaius Baltar
        4. What does RDM stand for?
          1. Ronald D. Moore
          2. Ronald D. Morse
          3. Ryan Douglas Morries
          4. idk?
        5. 3 Battlestars have appeared in BSG. Galactica , Pegasus and what other ?
          1. Caprica
          2. Valkarie
          3. Picon
          4. Triumph
          5. Commander
        Tags: movies , tv , space , Scifi , Galactica

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