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      Walt Disney ~ Easter Egg Hunt on QuizRevolution

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      Walt Disney ~ Easter Egg Hunt
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      Walt Disney ~ Easter Egg Hunt
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      Welcome to my tribute to everything DISNEY. Don't be bashful (or any other dwarf) add What
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      1. Welcome to my tribute to everything DISNEY. Don't be bashful (or any other dwarf) add What
        1. In the designated smoking areas
        2. In a private club in New Orleans Square
        3. Backstage where only employees can go
        4. Anywhere in the park
        5. There is none~Walt wouldn't have it.
        1. Walt disney's Imagineers have always delighted in placing the unexpected where you don't expect to find it. It might be Mickey Mouse showing up for a cameo in Aladdin or placing a dumbo toy in Lilo's room. This is an ''E'' ticket attraction and media heavy. Allow all media to load and play for maximum fun.
      2. ''The Aristocats'' was the substitute for the cartoon version of what highly popular Show
        1. 683567
        1. Walt Disney explored music and literature for inspiration for his animated ''children''. He loved T.S. Elliott and wanted to turn Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats into a full length movie, but was turned down flat by Eliot. Not to be put off, Walt picked two staff writers, gave them T.S. Eliot's book Said, ''Read this, Burn it, then, write a love story about cats and jazz music.'' The result was The Aristocats and it was the last script approved by Disney before his death. In 1965, Eliot's widow gave Andrew Loyd Webber rights to produce a musicle based on ...Practical Cats which became CATS.
      3. Speaking sharing elements... Name 2 films in which characters ride around on a record.
        1. A Bug's Life
        2. Toy Story 2
        3. Pinocchio
        4. The Aristocats
        5. Fantasia 2000
        1. Just one example of elememts gleaned from early Disney creations popping up again later. This one's a little obscure, I bet most of you can think of better examples. Make it a question and submit it!
      4. Disney Movies feature award winning music. Who from the theme is ''strange but special?
        1. Pecos Bill
        2. Donald Duck
        3. Belle
        4. Alice
        5. Figment
      5. Where is the only place in the park you can legally purchase and consume alcohol?
        1. In the designated smoking areas.
        2. In a private club in New Orleans Square.
        3. Backstage where only employees can go.
        4. Anywhere in the park.
        5. There is none~Walt wouldn't have it.
        1. Club 33 was named for its liquor license. According to Disney Legend Bill Martin who is credited for naming Club 33,the club needed an address that was separate from Disneyland since it would not be appropriate for Disneyland to register for a liquor license. New Orleans Square was numbering the building facades and Club 33 was located at 33 Royal Street. The restaurant was called the 33 Club until the name Club 33 stuck. Club 33 was just inches away from being named Club 35.
      6. Where can you see the ''Country Bear Jamboree (2 answers required)
        1. Walt Disney World
        2. Disneyland
        3. Only on the Internet
        4. Tokyo Disneyland
        5. EuroDisney
        1. Although The Country Bear Jamboree was the mainstay of Bear Country in Disneyland, Land use constraints put the squeeze on Bear Country until the theater was alone. In 1986 the show was finally closed and replaced with Pooh's playhouse. The needs of one bear sometimes outweigh the needs of the many... The attraction lives on in Critter Country, Walt Disney World, as well as enchanting crowds at the Tokyo Park. BTW, if you listen closely, you'll hear a nod to the show's original sponsor. E-mail me if you Know!
      7. The Haunted Mansion has always been a ride, using a streching room as an elevator.
        1. TRUE
        2. FALSE
        1. The Haunted Mansion was originally intended to be a walk through. In order build the Haunted Mansion, the Imagineers needed a VERY big building. The mansion itself is a shell housing mainly the elevators. These elevators then take guests below the train tracks and into the main show building where the bulk of the ride is.
      8. For Oldtimers: In ''Adventures Through Inner Space'' attraction. What did we see last (be
        1. The snow flake melting
        2. Side view of the ''mighty microscope''
        3. Eye looking down the microscope
        4. Flash of light and explosion
        1. To me Tomorrow land meant seeing the potential of the universe. No attraction epitomized that more than inner space. The concept of shrinking to the size of an atom to explore the inner working of a matter caught the imagination of this young geek. The hall now houses the rollercoster type ''Star Tours'' which in my mind is no substitute. Visit to see this attraction as it was.
      9. Eleanor Audley did more than voicing Madame Leota. Which Disney villain did she play?
        1. Ursula from The Little Mermaid
        2. The Wicked Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
        3. Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.
        4. Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians
        5. The cruel elephant in Dumbo
        1. The talented Mrs. Audley also portrayed the evil Lady Tremaine in Walt Disney's Cinderella. By the way, the *face* of Madame Leota is not Audley. The lady who provided that service was Leota Toombs, one of the imagineers who worked on the attraction. Fitting last name, isn't it?
      10. Which was the last hand-drawn, analog Disney film?
        1. Beauty and the Beast
        2. The Little Mermaid
        3. The Lion King
        4. Aladdin
        1. The Little Mermaid used 1,000 different colors on 1,100 backgrounds. Over one million drawings were done in total.
      11. What was Disney's first live action film?
        1. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
        2. Cinderella
        3. The Parent Trap
        4. The Love Bug
        5. Treasure Island
        1. Both Disney and distributor RKO had a sizeable amount of British pounds tied up in the UK after World War II. Government restrictions prevented Disney from taking the money out of the country, so he decided to use it to make a movie.
      12. Adult Disney: Which was Disney Studio's first PG film?
        1. Tron
        2. Splash
        3. The Black Hole
        4. Anastassia
        5. Never Cry Wolf
        1. Walt Disney Productions' film The Black Hole (1979), a science fiction film that sparked controversy due to the fact that it was the first Disney production to receive a PG rating (the company, however, had already distributed its first PG-rated film, Take Down without the Disney name visible almost a year before the release of The Black Hole.) Over the next few years, Disney experimented with more PG-rated fare, such as the 1981 film Condorman, 1982's Tron and 1983's Never Cry Wolf and Trenchcoat. The latter film attracted major criticism for including adult themes that were considered inappropriate for a Disney film.
      13. From Gaston's theme 'When I was a lad I ate ___ dozen eggs every morning to help me get la
        1. 4
        2. 3
        3. 6
        4. 2
        5. Not from Gaston's theme
        1. no comment neccessary, If you know, you know it. The tune rolls around in my head for days every time my kids play that movie!
      14. Where does the Space Mountain coaster do a 360 rollover?
        1. Disneyland (new track)
        2. Tokyo Disneyland
        3. Only in your dreams
        4. Walt Disney World
        5. Paris Disney Resort
        1. Walt Disney World's Space Mountain was the first Space Mountain built at any of the Disney parks. It was the world's first roller coaster ride that was completely controlled and operated by a computer system. It was originally planned as an outdoor roller coaster, but Florida weather is unpredictable. Paris weather is cold and wet, so indoor attractions are the way to go nd they built one humdinger of a Space Mountain. The Video clip is from Paris and as you can see, their NOT all the same
      15. We all know Ron Glass is a great character actor. Which of these is NOT a Ron Glass credit
        1. Mr. Creighton (Deal of a Lifetime)
        2. Det. Harris (Barney Miller)
        3. Dr. Lazemby (Recess: School's Out)
        4. Lt. Cairn (The Big Red One)
        5. Quintus (The Crazy World of Julius Vrooder)
        1. There is no such character as Lt. Cairn in ''The Big Red One'' so Ron Glass couldn't have played him. Sneeky, arn't I. Give ut your best shot, bet you can stump me. ' Been done, but anonymous can't win the prize....
      16. Being bitten on the backside is considered funny in Disney pictures; which character didn'
        1. Donald Duck
        2. Aladdin
        3. Ling
        4. Edgar
        5. Jasper Badun
        1. Yea! good old fashion Pie in the face, bite on the rump, Slipping and falling SLAPSTICK action. It wouldn't be disney without it!
      17. Which movie did NOT star Hayley Mills?
        1. The Moon-Spinners
        2. Pollyanna
        3. Old Yeller
        4. The Parent Trap
        5. The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes
        1. &quot;Old Yeller&quot; (1957) is the story of the lop-eared yellow dog who wins the hearts of everyone but fatally contracts rabies at the end of the movie. &quot;Old Yeller&quot; stars Dorothy McGuire, Fess Parker, Tommy Kirk, and Kevin Corcoran. Hayley made her film debut in 1959's &quot;Tiger Bay,&quot; and her first movie for Walt Disney was &quot;Pollyanna&quot; in 1960.
      18. Maureen O'Hara starred in which Disney movie?
        1. The Parent Trap
        2. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
        3. The Shaggy Dog
        4. That Darn Cat!
        5. The Gnome Mobile
        1. Maureen O'Hara only made one movie for Disney, 1961's &quot;The Parent Trap&quot;. According to O'Hara's autobiography, &quot;Tis Herself,&quot; Disney violated O'Hara's contract by not giving her top billing in the movie. Instead, the movie and all of its ads and trailers open with the following: Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills in &quot;The Parent Trap&quot; starring Maureen O'Hara and Brian Keith. As a result of this contract violation, O'Hara never made another movie for Disney, although she greatly enjoyed working on this film.
      19. How many children do the Robinsons have in "The Swiss Family Robinson"?
        1. 3 daughters
        2. 3 sons
        3. 2 sons; 2 daughters
        4. 3 sons; 1 daughter
        5. 2 sons; 1 daughter
        1. The three sons, Fritz, Ernst, and Francis, are played by James MacArthur, Tommy Kirk, and Kevin Corcoran, respectively. The teenage girl in this film, portrayed by Janet Munro, was rescued from the pirates by the boys and became a love interest for both Fritz and Ernst.
      20. Which Disney movie stars Angela Lansbury?
        1. Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo
        2. Mary Poppins
        3. Bedknobs and Broomsticks
        4. The Parent trap
        5. The Cat From Outer Space
        1. &quot;Bedknobs and Broomsticks&quot; was released in 1971 and stars Lansbury as a British mail-order apprentice witch who is suddenly responsible for three young siblings during WWII. Lansbury and the kids soon discover adventure through the magical bed as they try to find the secret to help the Allies win the war. This magical musical with a dose of human/animation interaction has been compared to &quot;Mary Poppins.&quot;
      21. In "Blackbeard's Ghost," what item does Dean Jones' character purchase at the auction?
        1. A Ship's Clock
        2. A Bed Warmer
        3. Ship's Wheel
        4. Pirate's Eye Patch
        5. Stuffed Parrot
        1. Dean Jones was vying for the attention of the lovely Suzanne Pleshette, so he outbid a competitor and bought the bed warmer, which later resurrected Blackbeard's Ghost.
      22. Which movie prop is embeded in Disneyland's CA version of The Haunted Mansion?
        1. The Organ from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
        2. Pride Rock from Lion King
        3. Arie's comb from The Little Mermaid
        4. The Mad Hatters hat
        1. Sorry to my new cast member: great question but too tough. As the Director, I reserve the right to make changes (like the video clue) and correct errors. BTW the answer is The Organ from Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
      23. What does Rabbit dislike?
        1. Roo
        2. Tigger and Carrot thieves
        3. Bouncing
        4. Eeyore being gloomy
        5. Everybody
        1. Rabbit hates them. He says they ruin his lovely carrots. He loves gardening and growing carrots.
      24. In "King Of the Beasties" what does Tigger tell everyone is in the forest?
        1. Jaguar
        2. Tagular
        3. Tion
        4. Jagular
        5. Lion
        1. Tigger tells all his friends excluding Rabbit that there is a Jagular in the forest. He is named King of the forest after beating it up.
      25. Why does Pooh always gets stuck in Rabbit's door hole?
        1. Because he was sleepy.
        2. Because Rabbit didn't want him to leave.
        3. Because he eats too much honey and gets too fat.
        4. Because Rabbit's house is to small.
        5. Because he's such a silly old bear.
        1. Pooh loves honey and is fat - when he eats more honey he gets fatter, and he gets stuck in Rabbit's hole. Silly Bear!
      26. Who is Lumpy?
        1. Roo meets Lumpy in &quot;Roo's Heffalump movie&quot; and they became good friends. Everyone else is scared of Lumpy at first because he is a heffalump. Pooh is just everywhere! so we put the Russian song.
      27. In "A Verry Merry Pooh", what song is sung at the end?
        1. Dreidle, Dreidle, Dreidle
        2. Silent Night
        3. Jingle Bells
        4. Auld Lang Syne
        5. Pooh' Chrismas Song
        1. They all sing it together. Carly Simon sings the song with them.
      28. Is the pig's name Piglet?
        1. YES
        2. NO
        1. Piglet's best friend is Pooh. They both love each other.
      29. What Disney movie was the first full-length animated feature to be produced in the United
        1. Pinocchio
        2. Steamboat Willie
        3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
        4. Bambi
        1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) was the first full-length animated feature film to come out of the United States (the first ever was Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed (1926), which clocks in at 65 minutes, and was animated entirely in silhouette).
      30. Which Princess married Eric?
        1. Cinderella
        2. Aurora
        3. Ariel
        4. Snow White
        5. Sleeping Beauty
      31. What is Piglet's saying?
        1. Oh Help
        2. Oh Dear
        3. My Word
        4. oooooohhhhh
      32. Which is NOT one of the dwarfs?
        1. Sleepy
        2. Sneezy
        3. Bashful
        4. Stinky
        5. Grumpy
      33. Which one is NOT a Car?
        1. Lightening McQueen
        2. Snot Rod
        3. Mater
        4. Raymond
        5. Ramone
      34. What is Aladdin's Monkey Called?
        1. Habu
        2. Kibu
        3. Sibu
        4. Monkey
        5. Abu
      35. Who is mickeys girlfriend!
        1. 690917
      36. In the BOOK 101 Dalmatians, what is the name of Pongo's "wife"?
        1. Perdita
        2. Juno
        3. Missis
        4. Cadpig
      37. What is the name of Prince Eric's Dog?
        1. 691156
        1. The Answer is Max!!
      38. who plays ryan evans in high school musical
        1. ryan evans
        2. Greg Lucas
        3. Lucas greabel
        4. Lucas Grabeel
      39. Where does Cinderella live?
        1. barn
        2. basement
        3. attic
        4. bedroom
        5. kitchen
      40. Finish the title of this movie ~ Free?
        1. 691667
      41. What colour is Tinkerbells dress?
        1. Purple
        2. Orange
        3. Green
        4. Blue
        5. Pink
        1. In one famous scene, Peter tells us, Tinker Bell will die if not enough people believe in fairies. The resultant plea to the children watching the play or movie is an example of &quot;breaking the fourth wall&quot;.
      42. what colour was the shirt that cinderella gave guss
        1. blue
        2. red
        3. green
        4. yellow
        5. black
        1. Gus is a mouse BTW
      43. What is the Hub of Disney Land?
        1. the plaza
        2. frontier land
        3. great smokey mountain
        4. canada
        5. mickey mouse
        1. Bet some of you thought it was Cindi's Castle? Nope, guide books say you have to move a little closer to mainstreet, see Walt &amp; Mikey? now you're there!
      44. True or False? Are the films Armagedon and Pirates of the Carribean Disney films...?
        1. True
        2. False
        3. I am tottally and utterly NOT sure.
        1. Yea ~ Armegeddon, Too.
      45. What is the name of the crab in the little marmaid?
        1. Rudolph
        2. Mortimer
        3. Crabby
        4. Lumiere
        5. Sebastion
        1. &amp; the crab sings Great Calypso!
      46. Which of these is not the name of one of cinderella's two step sisters?
        1. Anastasia
        2. Cruella
        3. Drizella
        1. Faces only a mother could love!
      47. What is fantasyland?
        1. Wonderworld of nature
        2. Promise of things to come
        3. The happiest place of them all
        4. Where all your dreams come true
        5. Where you can wish upon a star
      48. what movie is jane in?
        1. lion king
        2. fox and the hound
        3. return to never land
        4. alice in wonderland
        5. pete's dragon
      49. whats the name of Mickey Mouse's dog?
        1. doggy
        2. puddle
        3. pludo
        4. pluto
        5. cream
      50. In Lady and the Tramp, what is the family's last name?
        1. Darrens
        2. Darling
        3. Darkman
        4. Darsey
        5. Dartman
      51. Which is not a disney character?
        1. tinkerbell
        2. minnie mouse
        3. mickey mouse
        4. tweety bird
        5. cinderella
        1. Love the picture. It is, of course, the other planets denigrating poor little pluto, which has lost panet status. Wanted it for the Mickey&#39;s dog question, but that was too easy without a clue.
      52. Who is this from Disney Channel?
        1. Raven Baxter (from thats so raven)
        2. Hannah Montana (from Hannah Montana)
        3. Maddy (from the suite life of zac and cody)
      53. Who is this disney character?
        1. tinkernell
        2. tinkerbell
        3. tinky
        4. blinky
        5. none of the above
      54. Why is disney called 'Walt Disney' ?
        1. Because they felt like it
        2. Because walt sounds like waltz
        3. Because thats there friends name
        4. because that is what it is.
        5. Because that was the name of the Company founder
      55. Who Is NOT A Disney Character?
        1. Tink
        2. Tigger
        3. Dumbo
        4. Elmo
        5. Jasmine
      56. how many dwarfs are there?
        1. 5
        2. 7
        3. 9
        4. 6
        5. 8
      57. What is the bear's name in the jungle book?
        1. bageera
        2. kha
        3. baloo
        4. akhela
        5. bear
      58. What is the name of the red car in "cars"?
        1. lightingmQent
        2. Lightning McQueen
        3. Red Lightning
        4. White Tiger
      59. How many laser lights are there?
        1. 5
        2. 3
        3. 8
        4. 7
        5. 0
      60. Should we have DISNEYLAND UK?
        1. Yes
        2. No
      61. Who Is The Princess That Is The Farest Of Them All?
        1. Ariel
        2. Snow White
        3. Bell
        4. Sleeping Beauty
        5. Jasmine
      62. Who says Óh Gosh' ?
        1. Bashful
        2. Dopey
        3. Doc
        4. Happy
        5. Sneezy
      63. What are the four sections of Disneyland?
        1. 0
      64. what is the happiest kingdom of them all?
        1. Frontier land
        2. Tomorrowland
        3. Fantasyland
        4. Adventureland
        5. Epcot

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