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      LPCC-DTI Quiz Bee Challenge on QuizRevolution

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      LPCC-DTI Quiz Bee Challenge
      LPCC-DTI Quiz Bee Challenge
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      Any person to whom a consumer product is delivered or sold for the purpose of distribution
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      • retailer

      • whole saler

      • distributor

      • consignee

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      1. Any person to whom a consumer product is delivered or sold for the purpose of distribution
        1. retailer
        2. whole saler
        3. distributor
        4. consignee
      2. the right to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be an informed customer is
        1. the right to consumer education
        2. the risht to safety
        3. the right to choose
        4. the right to a healthy environment
      3. Personal deposit is guaranteed by the Philippine Deposits Insurance Corporation up to
        1. P100,000
        2. P250,000
        3. P500,000
        4. 1,000,000
      4. Sale of a basin necessity at a price grossly in excess of its true worth
        1. profiteering
        2. hoarding
        3. price manipulation
        4. price control
      5. Agreement between 2 or more persons in the production to artificially increase the price
        1. hoarding
        2. cartel
        3. manipulation
        4. profiteering
      6. Undue accumulation by a person of a basic necessity beyond his normal inventory
        1. cartel
        2. hoarding
        3. price manipulation
        4. price control
      7. Any substance which on contact with living tissue will cause destruction by chem. action
        1. corrosive
        2. poisonous
        3. destructive
        4. hazardous
      8. Quantity of any drug or device produced during a given cycle of manufacture
        1. set
        2. bunch
        3. group
        4. batch
      9. The chair the Price Coordinating Council is the Secretary of
        1. Health
        2. Trade and Industry
        3. Justice
        4. Social Welfare and Development
      10. The right to select products at competitive prices indicates
        1. the right to information
        2. the right to choose
        3. the right to representation
        4. the right to safety
      11. Republic Act No. 7581 is also known as
        1. Consumer Act
        2. Price Act
        3. Price Tag Law
        4. Consumerism Act
      12. The 3Rs in the right to redress are:
        1. reuse, recycle, repair
        2. replace, refund, reuse
        3. repair, replace, refund
        4. reuse, recycle, repay
      13. Any device, written, printed, affixed or attached to a consumer product or displayed
        1. price tag
        2. price comparison
        3. brand
        4. label
      14. Means the sale, lease, exchange, traffic or distribution of goods, commodities
        1. commercial
        2. sale
        3. commerce
        4. promotion
      15. An expressed or implied assurance of the quality of consumer products and services
        1. Discount
        2. Insurance
        3. Guarantee
        4. Sales Promotion
      16. The head of the Local Price Coordinating Council is the:
        1. DTI Director
        2. Congressman
        3. Vice Mayor
        4. City Mayor
      17. Attending public hearings concerning consumer issues is an example of
        1. the right to choose
        2. the right to represntation
        3. the right to information
        4. the right to safety
      18. Identification of drugs & medicines by their internationally recognized active ingredient
        1. brand name
        2. common name
        3. scintific name
        4. generic name
      19. Prices of basic commodities in an area shall automatically be frozen by the government
        1. price manipulation
        2. ceiling price
        3. automatic price control
        4. floor price
      20. Set of conditions to be fullfilled to ensure the quality and safety of a product
        1. Standard
        2. Quality Control
        3. Procedure
        4. Rules