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      Level 3 Hair Extensions on QuizRevolution

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      Level 3 Hair Extensions
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      Level 3 Hair Extensions
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      Name a type of alopecia
       of players answered correctly.
      • Tracking alopecia

      • Alopecia areata

      • baldness alopecia

      • male alopecia

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      1. Name a type of alopecia
        1. Tracking alopecia
        2. Alopecia areata
        3. baldness alopecia
        4. male alopecia
      2. What are the signs of Alopecia?
        1. raised folicle, sparse hair
        2. swollen folicle
        3. abundant hair
        4. dry scalp
      3. What happens if you use too much tension on the hair?
        1. the extension will stay in longer
        2. the hair extensions will look better
        3. damaged folicles, first signs of traction alopecia
        4. cause swollen folicles and a dry scalp
      4. what could happen if the extensions are worn over a long period of time?
        1. they look better
        2. they last longer
        3. the cause all of the hair to fall out
        4. cause sensitive scalp and possibly loss of some hair
      5. What would you do if your client had suspected infections and ifestations?
        1. not carry on with service
        2. carry on with service
        3. treat the infection/infestation
        4. scream
      6. What is the most important test you carry out prior to hair extensions?
        1. porosity
        2. strand
        3. incompatibility
        4. elasticity test
      7. what does Density mean?
        1. the texture of the hair
        2. the condition of the hair
        3. how much hair there is
        4. the hair type
      8. How would you prepare the hair prior to hair extensions?
        1. cut and blast dry
        2. straighten
        3. wash and blow
        4. cut, wash, blow dry
      9. What type of hair can you not use heat on?
        1. human
        2. fibre
        3. all of them
        4. wavy hair
      10. What cutting technique should you use to blend the extensions?
        1. point cutting and slicing
        2. club cutting and slicing
        3. clippers
        4. club citting and point cutting
      11. What is the longest that the hair extensions can be left in for?
        1. up to four months
        2. up to three weeks
        3. up to six months
        4. up to three months
      12. What hair extension technique would require some assistance?
        1. plaiting
        2. bonding
        3. fusion
        4. cip in
      13. How can bonded extensions effect cutting?
        1. you are able to make clean partings against scalp
        2. it doesnt affect the process
        3. you are unable to make clean partings against scalp
        4. you cant cut the hair
      14. State a disadvantage of bonding
        1. can cause hair loss
        2. quick application
        3. not natural look
        4. may need assistance
      15. State an advantage of sewing
        1. quick and easy
        2. comfortable
        3. causes minimal damage to the hair
        4. natural look
      16. Which of the following can affect the length of time hair extensions are likely to last?
        1. how long it took to apply
        2. aftercare maintenance
        3. how you cut the hair to blend
        4. how many bonds applied
      17. Why is it important to remove product build up or debris when removing extensions?
        1. to prevent scalp irritation/ifection
        2. its not important
        3. to prevent hair breaking
        4. to look professional

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