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      what massage techniques can be used on abundant hair?
       of players answered correctly.
      • effleurage and petrissgae

      • rotary and friction,

      • rotary, friction,effleurage

      • rotary, friction,effleurage, petrissgae

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      1. what massage techniques can be used on abundant hair?
        1. effleurage and petrissgae
        2. rotary and friction,
        3. rotary, friction,effleurage
        4. rotary, friction,effleurage, petrissgae
      2. What massage techniques can be used on sparse hair?
        1. rotary,effleurage, petrissage
        2. rotary,effleurage, petrissage, friction
        3. effleurage and petrissage
        4. effleurage and friction
      3. How does the pH value of products effect the hair?
        1. it doesn't
        2. alkalie open the cuticle, acids close
        3. acids open the cuticle, alkalie close
        4. They both open the cuticle
      4. State the direction in which the cuticle lies
        1. from point to root
        2. from root to point
        3. from mid-lengths to ends
        4. from ends to mid-lengths
      5. What ingredient can be used in shampoo for dry hair?
        1. coconut oil
        2. camomile
        3. citric acid
        4. zinc
      6. what ingredient in shampoos can be used for dandruff?
        1. soya
        2. camomile
        3. zinc
        4. rosemary
      7. How will the water temperature effect the hair ?
        1. cooler water will close the cuticle
        2. cooler water will open the cuticle
        3. hot water will close the cuticle
        4. hot water will not damage the hair
      8. How can we avoid contact dermatitis?
        1. Keep hands moist at all times
        2. Make sure that hands are dried after each service
        3. Dont shampoo anyone
        4. wear jewellery
      9. Why is important to detangle the hair from point to roott?
        1. creates more damage to the hair
        2. creates less damage to the cuticle and the hair
        3. makes it harder to comb
        4. it is not important
      10. what ingredient can be used in shampoo for greasy hair?
        1. zinc
        2. coconut oil
        3. camomile
        4. soya
      11. What ingredient in shampoos can be used for normal hair?
        1. zinc
        2. camomile
        3. egg
        4. rosemary
      12. what massage techniques can be used on short hair?
        1. rotary and friction
        2. rotary, friction, effleurage
        3. rotary, friction, effleurage, petrissage
        4. effleurage and petrissage
      13. What massage technique can be used on long hair
        1. effleurage, friction, rotary
        2. petrissage, effleurage, friction
        3. rotary, effleurage, petrissage
        4. rotary and effleurage.

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