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      Bleach quiz
      Bleach quiz
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      Why doesn't Ikkaku want to show everyone his Bankai?
       of players answered correctly.
      • Kenpachi said so

      • He is just lazy

      • he want to serve Kenpachi

      • he doesn't have one

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      1. Why doesn't Ikkaku want to show everyone his Bankai?
        1. Kenpachi said so
        2. He is just lazy
        3. he want to serve Kenpachi
        4. he doesn't have one
      2. What is it called when someone turns into a hollow but still in Death God form?
        1. holloficating
        2. hollowing
        3. hollowfication
        4. hollowed
      3. What is Momo's nickname for Hitsugaya?
        1. whitey-chan
        2. little-chan
        3. spikey-chan
        4. captain-chan
      4. Where was the houkyouku located
        1. at the Soukyouku
        2. in the 1st captains office
        3. in Urhara's shop
        4. in rukia
      5. What is Momo's nickname for Hitsugaya
        1. Whitey-chan
        2. little-chan
        3. spikey-chan
        4. captain-chan
      6. Who is the 4th Espada?
        1. Uliquirra
        2. Yammi
        3. Grimmjow
        4. Sado
      7. What is the name of Ichigo's first hollow killed?
        1. Fish Bone D
        2. Grand Fisher
        3. Grimmjow
        4. Shiba Kaien
      8. Name 1 captains who betrayed the Soul Society?
        1. Kenpachi Zaraki
        2. Ichimaru Gin
        3. Toshirou Hitsugaya
        4. Kira Izuru
      9. Which 2 squads have vice captains without Soul Slayers?
        1. 11,1
        2. 7,4
        3. 13,6
        4. 12,7
      10. Who call Byakuya "little Byakuya"?
        1. Soifon
        2. kuukaku
        3. Inoue
        4. Yoruichi
      11. How much Soul Slayers can the Soukyouku withstand?
        1. 1000
        2. 10000
        3. 100000
        4. 1000000
      12. What is Kon's personality
        1. kind
        2. mean
        3. nice
        4. pervert
      13. Who does Kon want to be hugged by?
        1. Orihime
        2. tatski
        3. rukia
        4. ririn
      14. What is Urahara's Soul Slayers name?
        1. Houzkimaru
        2. Fujikuja
        3. Betheme
        4. he doesnt have one
      15. What is a hollow that has broken there mask called
        1. Arrancar
        2. Espada
        3. Pivaron
        4. Vaizard
      16. What is a Death God who have awoken there hollow powers called
        1. hollow god
        2. vaizard
        3. Death hollow
        4. there is no name
      17. What stuffed animal is Kon in?
        1. a tiger
        2. a bear
        3. a chicken
        4. there's no such thing as Kon
      18. who was the previous captain of the 12th squad?
        1. Mayuri
        2. Nemu
        3. Tessai
        4. Urahara Kiskue
      19. What is the name of Ichigo's Soul Slayer?
        1. Baboon King Zambimaru
        2. Senbonzakura Kageyoshi
        3. Tensa Zangetstu
        4. Konjo Tenben Myaw
      20. What is Ichigo's father?
        1. a hospital owner
        2. a Death God
        3. a shop owner
        4. he is dead
      Tags: tv , video games

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