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      Law of Attraction Quiz
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      A major miracle requires _________ of pure thought for manifestation.
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      1. A major miracle requires _________ of pure thought for manifestation.
        1. 68 seconds
        2. 86 seconds
        3. 34 seconds
        4. 17 seconds
        1. A block of 17 secs in pure thought produces an energy expansion equiv to 2,000 action hrs, resulting in the creation of a mini miracle. By computation, a major miracle would need 68 secs of pure thought. Source: 68 seconds of pure thought.

      2. What is true of inspired actions?
        1. They come from the conscious mind.
        2. They come from following your intuitive impulses.
        3. They are about following logical and predictable steps.
        4. They are about what you think you should do.
        1. Inspired actions are about following where your energy goes, your spiritual impulses. Source: - Inspired Actions

      3. What statement is true about Energy?
        1. Energy can be created.
        2. Energy follows action.
        3. Energy can be destroyed.
        4. Energy is forever moving from one form to another.
        1. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It also follows thought. Source: Abundance Tapestry

      4. When you express gratitude, you acknowledge that the LOA works well in your life.
        1. True
        2. False
        1. Focus on being grateful for what you have already and release the feeling back to the Universe. The Universe then manifests the abundance of what you are feeling. Learn How to Create A Gratitude Journal Here

      5. Who wrote the book "Think and Grow Rich"?
        1. Esther and Jerry Hicks
        2. Deepak Chopra
        3. Napolean Hill
        4. Bob Proctor
        1. Think and Grow Rich is a motivational best selling book written by Napolean Hill and inspired by a suggestion by American billionaire Andrew Carnegie.

      6. What Is the Law of Attraction (LOA)? It states that ______________ .
        1. You will attract only positive outcomes.
        2. You will attract a specific intended romantic partner.
        3. Thoughts have an energy that attracts like energy.
        4. It is a governmental law to be complied with.
        1. The LOA says: That which is like unto itself, is drawn. You can attract positive or negative outcomes depending on what thoughts you focus on in your mind.  You may also not attract your intended romantic partner.

      7. Which of the following option is NOT in alignment with the LOA?
        1. Express gratitude daily.
        2. Visualize the life you desire.
        3. Follow through on inspired actions.
        4. Get emotionally attached to desired future outcomes.
        1. In short, you do not worry over whether or not your wishes are going to come true or not. Rather, you practise non-attachment. You know that the Universe will provide you with all that you intend/wish/desire/allow.

      8. What is the name of the movie that discussed about the LOA?
        1. Star Wars
        2. The Secret
        3. The Enchanted
        4. Kung Fu Panda
        1. The Secret movie popularized the term "Law of Attraction".  

      9. Vision Boards are useful because ____________ .
        1. your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation
        2. you are developing left brained thinking
        3. doing them helps you kill time
        4. they represent things that you want but cannot have
        1. Vision boards help you to visualize much better! Source: Vision Board Mastery

      10. The Law of Attraction (LOA) allows for
        1. finite possibiilites, infinite abundance and infinite joy.
        2. infinite possibilities, finite abundance and infinite joy.
        3. infinite possbilities, infinite abundance and finite joy.
        4. infinite possibilities, infinite abundance and infinite joy.
        1. The possibilites are endless, there is no shortage of abundance that the Universe provides and there is every joy in the creation of life! Source: Abundance Tapestry

      11. When making affirmations, your affirmations need to be ______.
        1. positive, in the past tense and repeated often.
        2. positive, non-specific and repeated often.
        3. positive, in the present tense and repeated often.
        4. positive, specific and need to be said only once.
        1. Affirmations can also be practiced in a fun manner!!  Read about making positive affirmations Jazzy here!

      12. What is false about your subconscious mind?
        1. Expanded processing capacity.
        2. Impulses that travel over 100,000 mph.
        3. The ability to manage up to 3 events at one time.
        4. Processing ability of 4 billion bits of info per second.
        1. Your subconscious mind is fully capable of processing thosands of events all at the same time. Source: Abundance Tapestry

      13. According to Abraham Hicks, what are the three Universal Laws?
        1. LOA, Science of Deliberate Creation and Art of Allowing
        2. LOA, Law of Intention, Law of Manifestation
        3. LOA, Science of Deliberate Creation and Law of Awakening
        4. Law of Intention, Law of Creation and Law of Awakening
        1. LOA: That which is like unto itself, is drawn. The Science of Deliberate Creation: That which I give thought to and that which I expect or believe - is.  The Art of Allowing: I am that which I am, and I am willing to allow all others to be that which they are.

      14. What is true about the physical reality that you are in?
        1. Your current reality is all due to karma.
        2. You cannot affect your reality because it is all up to God.
        3. Your reality is dependent on how others make yours to be.
        4. You manifest a reality according to the thoughts you have.
        1. Your physical reality is a mirror of the thoughts and feelings that you hold.  Hence, changing the thoughts you have and emotions that you feel can influence the situation you are in. Source: Abundance Tapestry

      15. Complete this famous saying: Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can ________.
        1. achieve
        2. attract
        3. win
        4. dream
        1. The saying "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve" is by W Clement Sone.

      16. How does your Inner Self connect with you?
        1. Through emotions.
        2. Through words.
        3. Through reasons.
        4. Through actions.
        1. Your emotions is like your GPS. It is your guiding system to moving towards what makes you feel good.

      17. Thoughts evoking great _________ manifest quickly.
        1. action
        2. expectation
        3. behavior
        4. emotion
        1. The essence of thoughts backed by whether positive or negative emotion quickly manifests into physical reality.

      18. The Law of Attraction (LOA) teaches us to focus on ____________ .
        1. positive feelings of having it in the future.
        2. positive feelings of having it in the now.
        1. What you want to do is to generate positive feelings of the things you desire for right Now, even if you don't already have them currently.  

      19. Which famous person said this "all that we are is the result of what we have thought"?
        1. Bill Gates
        2. Anthony Robbins
        3. Jack Canfield
        4. Buddha
      20. While visualizing your dreams, you also try to figure out the Hows of achieving them.
        1. True
        2. False
        1. The Hows are the domain of the universe. It always knows the quickest, fastest, most harmonious way between you and your dream.

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