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      How well do YOU know Calgary? on QuizRevolution

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      Newest Quiz: How well do YOU know Calgary?

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      How well do YOU know Calgary?
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      How well do YOU know Calgary?
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      What popular cocktail was invented in Calgary?
       of players answered correctly.
      • Bloody Caesar

      • Vodka Sundowner

      • Orange Tundra

      • Klein-tini

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      1. What popular cocktail was invented in Calgary?
        1. Bloody Caesar
        2. Vodka Sundowner
        3. Orange Tundra
        4. Klein-tini
        1. The Bloody Caesar was invented in 1969 by bartender Walter Chell at the Owl's Nest Bar in the Calgary Inn (now the Westin) to mark the opening of a new Italian restaurant, Marco's.
      2. A “Plus 15” is:
        1. A man’s shirt size
        2. A pedestrian walkway to keep out of the cold
        3. The warmest recorded temperature in Calgary in December
        4. The age Graduated Driver Licensing starts in Alberta
        1. The Plus 15 (+15) walkway network in Calgary is the world's most extensive pedestrian skywalk system with a total length of 16 kilometers (10 mi) and 59 bridges.
      3. The precursor of what sports empire started in Calgary?
        1. Canadian Football League (CFL)
        2. NASCAR
        3. National Finals Rodeo (NFR)
        4. World Wrestling Federation (WWF)
        1. Stampede Wrestling was originally established in 1948 by Stu Hart, which was sold to WWF, then sold back. WWF is now part of World Wresting Entertainment (WWE).
      4. Which store has its Canadian flagship location in Calgary?
        1. Betsey Johnson
        2. Coach
        3. Holt Renfrew
        4. Tiffany & Co.
        1. Holt Renfrew’s gorgeous new 150,000 sq ft, $45 million price tag, 3 storey shop is their new national flagship store. Holt Renfrew is one C-Train stop from the Hyatt. The C-Train is free in the downtown area.
      5. Which fast food chain originated in Calgary?
        1. Edo Japan
        2. Jugo Juice
        3. Opa! Souvlaki
        4. All of the above
      6. What tasty dish was invented in Calgary?
        1. Deep-fried Mars bars
        2. Buffalo wings
        3. Ginger beef
        4. Beef on a bun
        1. Ginger beef was invented in Calgary in 1974 at the Silver Inn Restaurant.
      7. Which well-known Victorian writer visited Calgary to give a talk?
        1. Oscar Wilde
        2. Charlotte Bronte
        3. George Eliot
        4. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
        1. He came to talk about ghosts and fairies. Attendance was poor; he blamed it on evil supernatural forces.
      8. Which of the following movies was NOT filmed in Southern Alberta?
        1. City Slickers
        2. Superman III
        3. Days of Heaven
        4. Brokeback Mountain
      9. Cows can go upstairs, but not down.
        1. True
        2. False
      10. Which of these did the Globe and Mail call one of the “seven musical wonders of the world”
        1. Jann Arden
        2. Calgary Folk Music Festival
        3. King Edward Hotel (“The King Eddy”)
        4. Cantos Music Foundation
        1. “It's got the best programming of any of the North American post-folk music fests .… What really puts this event ahead of the pack, however, is its location on Prince's Island Park, a forested retreat nestled just a few blocks from the centre of Cowtown.” --Robert Everett-Green, 2006
      11. Single males outnumber single females in Calgary by:
        1. 1,000
        2. 2,500
        3. 10,000
        4. 25,000
      12. Calgary has North America’s largest urban pathway system. How long is it?
        1. 60 km
        2. 200 km
        3. 660 km
        4. 1000 km
      13. What Calgary ritual might a visiting celebrity be subjected to?
        1. Kiss a cow
        2. Ride a mechanical bull
        3. Drink an S.O.B.
        4. Get white-hatted
        1. While white is not a standard colour for “real” cowboy hats (gets dirty too quickly), the white Stetson became popular in Calgary after WWII. It has since turned into Calgary’s symbol of hospitality.
      14. In which year did Calgary host the Winter Olympics?
        1. 1992
        2. 1984
        3. 1980
        4. 1988
        1. Canada Olympic Park (COP) was the premier site of the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. Now, COP provides year-round recreational programming and hosts concert festivals to winter sport World Cups. Take a public bobsleigh rides to North America's fastest zipline, it's just 15 minutes from downtown Calgary.

      15. How much is Alberta’s Provincial Sales Tax?
        1. 5%
        2. 8%
        3. 13%
        4. Tax?? We don’t need no stinkin’ tax!
        1. Be sure to make time for shopping while you’re in Calgary!

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