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      Pro or Noob?
      Pro or Noob?
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      Who hunts Illidan Stormrange?
      • Maiev Shadowsong

      • Kael'thas Sunstrider

      • Thrall Son of Durotan

      • Arthas Menethi

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      1. Who hunts Illidan Stormrange?
        1. Maiev Shadowsong
        2. Kael'thas Sunstrider
        3. Thrall Son of Durotan
        4. Arthas Menethi
      2. Who has taken over Lordareon after the scurge?
        1. The Argent crusaders
        2. The Forsaken
        3. The Undead
        4. The Humans
      3. Who is called "The Betrayer"?
        1. Illidan Stormrange
        2. Jaina Proudmoore
        3. Arthas Menethi
        4. Kael'thas Sunstrider
      4. Witch are the first soliders ?
        1. Footman/Grunt/Archer/Ghoul
        2. Rifelman/Druid of the Talon/Moon Priests/Paladin
        3. Moon Priests/Paladin/Catapult/Balista
        4. Catapult/Balista/Sige cannon/Meat Wagon
      5. Witch rank has the father of Jaina Proudmoore?
        1. Admirale
        2. Capitan
        3. Lord
        4. King
      6. First who has ben killed ny the power of Frostmourne was?
        1. Arthas Menethi
        2. Illidan Stormrange
        3. King Theranes
        4. Muradin Bronzebeard
      7. Knights of the Silver Hand are?
        1. Warriors
        2. Mages
        3. Death Knights
        4. Only Paladins
      8. The first owner of the Black Temple was?
        1. Magtheridon
        2. Uther the Lightbringer
        3. Illidan Stormrange
        4. Thrall Son of Durotan
      9. Durator has it's name from the father of?
        1. Thrall Son of Durotan
        2. Jaina Proudmoore
        3. Maiev Shadowsong
        4. Sylvana Windrunner
      10. Who is Arthas Menethi?
        1. Former Prince of the Humans now Leader of The Scourge
        2. Former Death Knight now Human
        3. Death Knight
        4. Death Knight and leader of The Scourge
      11. The King Blood Lines of the Humans are?
        1. Menethi and Wrynn
        2. Proudmoore and Metile
        3. Sunstrider and Stormrange
        4. Bronzenbard and Windrunner
      12. The leader of The Scourge is?
        1. Jaina Proudmoore
        2. Illidan Stormrange
        3. Kel'thuzard
        4. Arthas Menethi
      13. Leader of the Orcs is?
        1. Grom Hellscreem
        2. Kael'thas Sunstrider
        3. Thrall Son of Durotan
        4. Muradin Bronzebeard
      14. Who is Uther The Lightbringer?
        1. Founder of The order "Knights of the Silver hand" and a pala
        2. The greatest Paladin of all
        3. Warior
        4. Footman
      15. The leader of the Humans is?
        1. Kael'thas Sunstrider
        2. Tyrande Whisperwind
        3. Varian Wrynn
        4. Thrall Son of Durotan
      16. Witch races has Illidan Stormrange promised power?
        1. Blood Elfs and Naga
        2. Dwarfs and Gnomes
        3. Night Elfs and Humans
        4. Blood Elfs and Demons
      17. The last fort of Humanty is the city?
        1. Ogrimar
        2. Stormwind
        3. Goldshire
        4. Northshire
      18. Leaders of the Night Elfs are?
        1. Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind
        2. Illidan Stormrange and Tyrande Whisperwind
        3. Illidan Stormrange
        4. Maiev Shadowsong
      19. The Leader of The Forsaken is?
        1. Sylvana Windrunner
        2. Vereesa Windrunner
        3. Illidan Stormrange
        4. Ranger General Sylvana Windrunner
      20. Witch Clan leads Thrall?
        1. Doomhammers
        2. Frost Wolf
        3. Fireblade
        4. None

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