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    Frequently Asked Questions - QuizRevolution

    QuizRevolution FAQ

    What is QuizRevolution?

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    At QuizRevolution you can create interactive quiz content for your website or blog quickly and easily. Simply add your own content to our great-looking quiz templates and create a customized quiz for your audience. After you’ve created your quiz, copy and paste a few lines of HTML into your website and you’re ready to go!

    Where can I see examples of QuizRevolution quizzes on your website?

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    You can search for examples by keyword on our search page.

    Why should I use QuizRevolution templates to create a quiz for my site?

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    Our quiz templates are ready-to-use solutions which require no coding and no design work. They are easy to create, easy to embed, and will look great on your site. You will be astonished at how easy it is to create great-looking, engaging content which you can use to earn money from your website. For more information and examples, check out our features and examples page.

    What settings do I need when using the Safari browser to ensure I have the best quiz experience?

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    There are several settings needed when using the Safari browser to ensure the best quiz experience.

    1. Click on the settings menu and then Preferences... (or CTRL+,)
    2. Click on the Security tab at the top
    3. Check "Enable Javascript"
    4. For "Accept cookies" - select "Always"
    5. Close the preferences window
    6. Close your Safari browser and reopen and play the quiz again

    Please contact us if you experience any problems after following these instructions.

    How do I make a quiz?

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    Go to our Create Quiz page. Select which type of quiz you would like to create and click the "Create Quiz" button. If you already registered, you must be logged in to create a quiz. If you’re not registered, you can register in about 10 seconds for free.

    Is there a limit to the number of questions I can add?

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    No. You can add as many questions as you like. However, it is important to remember that the more questions and the longer the quiz, the less likely your visitors will reach the end.

    What types of media can I add to my quiz?

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    You can add:

    You can paste a link to any YouTube video. In fact most hosted video sites should work with QuizRevolution quizzes. However, while we’re still in beta, it is a good idea to try your video out to make sure it is working properly with our templates. If you experience a problem or would like to request a particular site be added to our list of supported videos, please contact us and let us know.
    You may upload images from your computer (we currently support .gif, .jpg, and .png files) or copy and paste links to most images on the web. Some popular image hosting sites (Flickr, Picasaweb) are not supported yet, but we’re working on it.
    You may add and format text in any media location. You can also add HTML and link to images as well.

    How do I review and / or edit quizzes I have created?

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    If you are a registered user and you have logged in to QuizRevolution, you can click on your username or the My Account link in the main navigation to access your My Account page. The My Account page displays all the quizzes you have created. On your list of created quizzes, simply click on the edit button next to the appropriate quiz to edit your quiz.

    What will users see at the end of my quiz?

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    As a quiz creator you can choose between two options.

    • Users can log in / register
    • Logged-in users will see their rank
    • Scoreboard is shown with the leading scores achieved by players of that quiz
    Custom ending
    • 1 quiz ending for all, or up to 5 custom quiz endings for different score ranges
    • Players are shown their final score
    • You create your own quiz ending(s) with your message. We have a number of flexible options for this including:
      • Different types of media
        • Video
        • Images
        • Easy to format text / html (no javascript)
      • Media + form
        • Custom feedback form e.g. users submit their names, provide feedback etc.
        • E-mail form
      • Media + links e.g. to your site, affiliate program links etc
      • HTML ads (contact us to add these – HTML ads need to be approved and launched by our team)

    What is a “Multiple Choice” quiz?

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    It’s a quiz which allows you to combine fun content with user feedback, or a promotion/ad. A quiz will engage your site visitors and also ensure that your feedback and/or promotion is actually seen and acted upon.

    What types of feedback can I add?

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    The feedback area is very flexible. You can add:

    • Images + form for custom feedback
    • Images + links for affiliate programs
    • Videos + links
    • Email form for newsletter subscribers
    • HTML ads (contact us to add these – HTML ads need to be approved & launched by our team)

    Submitted feedback can be found in the "Reports & Statistics" section of your "My Account" page and includes the score of the submitting player. Ask your players to submit their name and you will record their scores as well.

    Won’t the quiz get really long?

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    Yes, we already have quizzes which are hundreds of questions long. However, we don’t expect anyone to answer all the questions in one sitting (although some people do!). We have built in the ability for users to register and then come back and continue the quiz later. In addition, for any quiz longer than 20 questions, we have a progress screen every 10 questions which breaks up the monotony and provides the player information as to how they are doing.

    How do I monitor the performance of my site visitors on my quiz?

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    On your profile page, premium users have a "reports and statistics" button. This will take you to a page where you can select which quiz you want reports on. Once you have selected a quiz, you can see the following:

    • How many people have started your quiz
    • How many people have taken each question
    • Scores for each registered player
    • How many people have finished your quiz
    • How many people have performed an action e.g. press the button or submit information (an e-mail or other user data) at the end of your quiz
    • Any information submitted by those users
    • The % of people who got each question right / wrong

    What is a QuizRevolution Channel Page?

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    A “Channel Page” is a page where YOUR quizzes can be played. All users get their own Channel Page which includes quizzes, scoreboards, a message board, links to other relevant quizzes and a user profile. Now you can invite anyone to come and discover, play and discuss your quizzes on your very own quiz Channel Page.

    How do I customize my Channel Page?

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    • Channel Page Profile information: On your My Account page there is a User Profile tab where you can change the User Profile information which appears on the Channel page.
    • Which quizzes appear on your Channel Page: Only your 'active' quizzes appear on your Channel Page and Scoreboard. To activate or deactivate any of your quizzes go to the My Quizzes tab on your My Account page.

    How does my scoreboard work?

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    Each QuizRevolution quiz creator gets their own scoreboard. This has a number of great features:

    • The scoreboard shows the 10 leading quiz players across all of your (active) quizzes
    • Clicking on the arrow next to each quiz player allows everyone to see which quizzes that player took and what score they achieved in each quiz. When users click on the quizzes on the scoreboard they are directed to that quizz´s Home URL to play the quiz. We look at our scoreboards as a core part of our Quiz Network and a way for everyone to discover more of your great quizzes!
    • The scoreboards are embeddable - this means that not only can you embed great quizzes on your site, you can also embed scoreboards to create quiz competitions and allow your audience to discover more great quizzes created by you.
    • When a player is logged in they will see their score at the top of the scoreboard so they can compare their scores to the leading players and see how they can improve their ranking.
    • The scoreboard includes a 'challenge a friend' capability to encourage competitive quiz play and new users for your quizzes.

    What is the QuizRevolution Network?

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    Every quiz created using QuizRevolution enters our quiz recommendation system. The higher quality ones (as rated by quiz players) will be recommended to players of similar quizzes. Players who discover your quiz through our quiz recommendation system will either arrive at your Channel Page or at whichever webpage you define as your Home URL for that quiz. Through the recommendation engine, webpages and channel pages scattered across the web are linked using our quiz network which passes traffic between the sites.

    What is a Home URL?

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    On the Home URL tab in your My Account page you can define whether each of your quizzes should be played on your Channel Page or at whichever web page you define as the Home URL for that quiz. When a user discovers your quiz using our recommendation engine or by searching for quizzes, he will be directed to the Home URL. This brings new relevant users to your site to engage in custom interactive content you have created - what could be better than that!

    Are QuizRevolution’s templates free?

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    Our quiz solution software includes free quizzes for all users, playable via the user's channel page. If you are interested in embedding the quiz on your personal website, we offer a number of premium solutions. These range from simple embeds (with ads) to scalable features for site-wide deployment, custom skins, recommendations limited to content exclusively on your site (i.e. no links to other sites), and bulk quiz loading. See our Premium Packages for more information.

    Can I have a custom skin?

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    Yes you can, we have built them for a number of customers. Please see our pricing and conditions on the bottom of our Premium page